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Where do I come up with the ideas for my stories? From everyday living. I live in a small town and I love hearing the stories from the folks around here. I also watch a lot of television. You just never know when something is going to spin a tale in my mind. 
Where does my inspiration for my stories come from? Inspiration for my stories comes from all over. Sometimes from the news, or something that has happened to someone I know. Usually I don’t know the whole story going in, just the main drivers and motivations. How it’s all going to happen usually unfolds as I get to know my characters better in the first draft. I do like to include familiar things in my stories that just about anyone can connect with. If I tickle one memory that tugs on your heart while you’re reading one of my books, then I feel like I’ve accomplished a great thing.
What is it that makes my writing different from all the others in my genre? That’s a better question for my readers! Maybe that my stories don’t follow the rules. I just write from my heart. It may not always be perfect, but I hope it will always be entertaining.
What type of research do I do for my books? I read. I google. I ask questions. I partnered with Pete Evick, recording artist in his own right, music producer, and the lead guitarist for the Bret Michaels Band to get the details about being on the road and agents and such for Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies. He answered pages and pages of sometimes very personal questions for me. Not only did I get great information for the book, but I made a really great friend. I’m so thankful for that relationship.
Mint Juleps and Justice just released on 2/1. It’s the fifth book in the Adams Grove series.
Welcome to Adams Grove…where wrongs are righted with just desserts.
Luck abandoned Brooke Justice during her nasty divorce. Desperate to escape her malicious ex-husband, she relocated to the small town of Adams Grove, Virginia. When someone breaks into her new house, she suspects her ex bears the blame for the crime. With no evidence and little help from the police, she asks a private investigator to take her case—a private investigator whose sexy broad shoulders and stunning blue eyes make her question her decision to swear off relationships forever.
Mike Hartman fled Adams Grove when a devastating loss left his heart in pieces. After years overseas in the military, he’s finally returned home, determined to start anew as a private investigator. Then Brooke walks into his office, awakening something he hasn’t felt in years. Can they both move on…into each other’s arms? Or will the pain of the past—and the dangerous threat lurking in the present—destroy their new beginning?

Nancy is giving away an Adams Grove Candle and signed keeper kase to one (1) lucky commenter (Sorry, U.S. only). Are you a Bret Michaels or 80’s music fan?  Giveaway ends @12 am est 2-21-14 with the winner announced shortly thereafter.

With a career spent on the cutting edge of technology in the banking industry, Nancy spends her extra time writing the kind of stories she likes to read, in hopes that just maybe other career gals can find an escape from their hectic lifestyles in the make believe worlds she creates.
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  1. I can recall lots of big hair & great times associated with 80’s music. Not all the big hair was mine alone either.

  2. Morning. I enjoyed reading about the research you compile for writing, must keep life very interesting. I have always been a Brent Michaels fan-favorite song is “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. Love the title of your new book!

  3. I’m a child of the 80s and still love the majority of the music.

    Thanks for sharing about your research. It’s good to know there are still good guys (and gals) around willing to help out authors. We rarely hear about the good things celebrities do – especially when they do not expect anything in return. 🙂

  4. like some 80s music

  5. Something tells me Brooke & Mike will make a handsome couple,
    & all will end well for them; maybe a rocky road along the way,
    but in the end, true love comes into their hearts!!

  6. Nancy I love finding out how you do your research. I love your style so I think I like “the from the heart ” gendre


  8. I love Bret Michaels and most 80’s music… I also love turning up 80’s music and rocking out while my teenagers are in the car with me.. So embarrassing…

  9. I love classical music and some pop. My hubby loves country and rock, go figure we are completely different in out tastes.

  10. I love 80s music! 80s hair bands are the best…love listening to Poison, Guns n Roses, White Snake, all of them.

  11. I do like Brent Michaels, I really like almost every kind of music!!! I thank my dad for that!

  12. Love love Nancy’s books

  13. All if Nancy’s books are wonderful and I am so glad she contacted me on Facebook so I knew about her. I graduated from high school in 1987 so I have wonderful memories of that time and the music. Love the Sirius radio on my husband’s truck so I can listen to it any time I want.

  14. I like the 80’s music, but I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes.

  15. 80’s music is great. I like Rock and Roll, Rhythm and blues.

  16. Nancy Naigle is like no one I know. Strong, loyal and a friend. If you have not read Nancy’s Adam Grove Series. Take the time and as Nancy so often says “Read, Relax,Repeat” I guarantee you will not put the book down!

  17. Not much of a fan of 80s music. More of a 60s fan. Thoroughly enjoyed the one book of Nancy’s that I’ve read and plan to read more.

  18. Didn’t much care for 80’s music!! Music, imho, is much better today!

  19. I enjoy all kinds of music so yes, Bret Michaels is good. Your book sounds interesting.

  20. In the 80’s, I was married to a drummer in a rock band…lots of big hair, very few wore shirts, black eye-liner for the guys, and tight leather pants…and of course head bangin’ lol Fun times. I loved Bret Michaels then for his music, but really got to see how multi-talented and what a big heart he has on the Apprentice.

  21. Nice Article and Thanks for sharing 🙂 Nice work bro…this is really a good tutorial for any newbie..

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