TIME TO DIE and contest with Sabrina Sims McAfee

                                                                                           Sabrina Sims McAfee’s

                                                                                                      Time to Die

Sergeant, Ginger McCormick:

Hi. My name is Ginger, but my close friends and cop buddies call me Storm. My ex-partner, Homicide Detective, Skitch, gave me the nickname Storm after I caught a ruthless killer during a hellified rainstorm in Miami, FL.

Right after I captured the murderer, my ex-boyfriend did something horrible that landed me on probation. Sigh. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, my best friend husband got murdered. Sweet Jesus! This is so much to handle until I can hardly tell the story.

I’m praying the killer isn’t who I think it is—my new man—hot, Graylin Grainger. Right now, he’s looking guilty!

Graylin Grainger:

I’m not the interviewing type and prefer not to talk about myself, so I’m going to cut straight to the chase. Favorite food: Steak. Favorite Hobby: Watching football. Favorite pastime: Ginger.

Speaking of Ginger, it hurts like hell knowing she suspects me of killing several wealthy men. Is it possible I did it and can’t remember? Jesus Christ! I hope not.

Just because I’m the beneficiary on a life policy worth millions doesn’t mean squat. Okay yes, I was at the crime scene when the cops burst in. Yes I broke into the victim’s home. You’re right, I do look guilty. Goodbye.

Time to Die Book Blurb: 

Tick Tock! The Killing Begins

A vicious serial killer is murdering wealthy elite men in the thriving city of Miami, when suddenly, the deranged killer sets his eye on his first female victim—SERGEANT GINGER McCORMICK.

Being on Probation Sucks

Internal Affairs of Miami Police Department (MPD) is monitoring GINGER’s every move, causing her to have many sleepless nights. Just when she feels she’ll never get the promotion she’s worked so hard for, she receives a chilling phone call. The Chief regretfully tells her a prominent business tycoon has been found hung in his million dollar estate and she’s assigned to the high profile case.

Turn Up the Heat

Retired Army Officer GRAYLIN GRAINGER returns home after battling in a disastrous war. Hunted by his mother’s death, he’s eager to open his own private investigation firm to assist him with capturing her killer. But his focus changes when he finds his uncle murdered in his home, and he becomes the prime suspect.

The Plot Thickens

As Ginger races against time to find the killer she finds herself in a whirlwind affair with Graylin, the only man she’s ever loved. Problem is—evidence suggests he’s the killer!

About the Author

Sabrina Sims McAfee loves writing about alpha males, sexy strong women, and the adventurous journeys they travel. She lives in Myrtle Beach, SC. In her leisure she likes spending time with her family, reading, traveling, and watching reality and suspense TV shows.

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