Regency – Women’s Restricted Lives with Gina Danna

Today, women have a multitude of careers to choose from. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, business executives, sales and so much more. But it is the 21st century. So what did women do to live in the time of the Regency, c. 1816? Were any of these career paths of today open to women then? NO.

Ladies of the Regency expected to get married, preferably to a man of higher status. As wives, their responsibilities were to beget the heir to the title, continuing the male family line and if possible, she should birth a “spare” or two, in case the first born son died. Other than that, she was expected to be the perfect wife and hostess for her husband. If he chose to stray from the marriage bed and have a mistress, no one blinked an eye. Everything was discreetly done, including her irritation of being thrown aside or her celebration of no longer submitting as a brood mare. She ran the house, in charge of the servants, menus, galas, the children and any other domestic issues.

As wife, she was taken care of for the rest of her life.

For those from lower classes, the world was harsh. They expected to marry, knowing their existence rested on the man’s decisions and income. Some women did work to supplement the family’s income but these were not easy jobs. On top of running the house, she had to raise the children, school them if she had time (and the education herself), sew, cook, and anything else that needed to make the home run. If she took jobs, it were hardly any better. She could do someone else’s laundry, mending, cooking or worse, work in the up and coming factory system, textiles the top of the line in demanding workers. Slow, repetitive and underpaying jobs on top of her wifely duties.

Some women were midwives, taking care of the pregnant women, understanding how a woman’s body worked over what male physicians knew. But midwifery was as high as she could accomplish in medicine, nothing more.

Of course, selling their bodies always was an option.

Frankly, women’s choices were slim to none in careers and to even consider practicing medicine was off the table.

But what if a country physician, a widower, left with a young daughter to raise and needing to keep an eye on her, to protect her from the ‘wolves’, dragged her with him. And by doing so, taught this girl medicine because she was with him and assisted him? And after his death, what if she needed to find an income and quick, only to discover no one believed her claims to be able to medically help people or that no one would hire her without references because she arrived in London alone?

Arabella soon found a way to use her skills but only as The Wicked Bargain.

TheWickedBargain-GDanna-LGThe Wicked Bargain – available June 19, 2014

 London 1816  

Haunted by a past as a sex slave, nobleman Ethan Warth returns to England as a male courtesan for rich matrons and runs a brothel for wealthy lords. Arabella Covington appears on his door, trained in the medical arts but unable to practice because of her gender. He hires her to care for his ladies but her inquisitive nature and beauty make him desire to teach her the world of seduction.  

Ethan, however, never counted on falling in love…


Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Gina Danna has spent the better part of her life reading. History has been her love and she spent numerous hours devouring historical romance stories, dreaming of writing one of her own. Years later, after receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in History, writing academic research papers and writing for museum programs and events, she finally found the time to write her own stories of historical romantic fiction.

Now, under the supervision of her three dogs and three cats, she writes amid a library of research books, with her only true break away is to spend time with her other life long dream – her Arabian horse – with him, her muse can play.

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