Catching up with Xavier Axelson

What have you been up to since we saw you last?
Mayhem, chaos and creation…in that order. I’ve been recovering from a nasty shoulder injury (rotator cuff tear) and writing as much as I can.

I really enjoyed your interviews at The Examiner ((did I remember right?). What happened to those & will you be resuming them? Actually I gave the Examiner column up because of my shoulder injury/surgery…I just couldnt write and they need a certain amount of columns per month and I was out of commission for three months, so…bye bye. I’ve been thinking about picking it up again but in the end everything not writing or contributing to my passion for fiction is a distraction and I have enough of those already…

What’s your latest & greatest? My werewolf novella, Lily has been reissued with a fresh coat of paint and some extended scenes and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to Seventh Window Publications for bringing Lily back. It’s even better that I remember.

What’s coming up for you in the near future? Latest WIP & can you share any details? It’s funny, I’m shocked at how much I actually wrote during my year of shoulder drama. I have three anthologies coming out each with a new story by me, and also the first in an epic dark fantasy/horror novel coming out in August…fingers crossed…or early fall (realistic) The anthologies include an erotic bear horror story, an Upstairs Downstairs themed erotic story, and a short story to be included in a best of Gay Erotica anthology.

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