From Tom Boy to Tom Cat ~ J. Lee Roberts

            I was a late bloomer. Strike that, I was a late lover. Even though I grew up the youngest of three girls, I never realized ( or wanted to admit) that I was one.
A girl that is. I believe my path to Tom Boyism started when I was old enough to go camping with my friends but none of my girlfriends parents felt the same
way as my own. So I started hanging out with the few friends that could. Boys. So that’s how it went for several years, me and the boys hanging out, fishing,
camping, drinking (too much). I always had a boyfriend. But in my eyes it was just to keep the other boys away. I never gave in to any of their continuous
pawing and begging for sex. This all worked out great for me until I got into my twenties. That’s when my “boy friends” started getting serious girlfriends who did not like the relationships I had with their men.
            I spent most of my twenties in a state of limbo. I couldn’t keep the same friends I had as a teen because they had all become men. Men with wives who didn’t like me, that is. Because I have no children, I didn’t mesh well with women my age. I was starting to get a bit down on myself for not befriending more women in my
youth, that’s when I met my current partner. He was my exact opposite. All his friends were girls.
Thankfully I have never had a jealous bone in my body so when I got him I got girls in my life. It still took several years for me to fit in with most women in my area
because of the no kid thing, but now I have the most amazing women in my life, and I can’t imagine a world with out them. The best part is that I was finally
able to admit that I was a woman. Sensual, sexy and ready. Ready to discover what I had been missing. Fortunately my partner (who is down for ANYTHING) was
completely ready and willing to let me explore and expand my sexuality.
            The moral of this story is: There’s nothing wrong with being a girl and if you give it a chance you may just like it. A LOT.
           Explore a little of my wild side. Discover for yourself what a little girl power can do.
All my love and gratitude
J.Lee Roberts
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