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Kim Korson looks back over her life from her childhood in Montreal, Canada on in I DON’T HAVE A HAPPY PLACE.
Hails to familiar childhood staples like BJ & the Bear, The Bionic Man, Fun Dip and the fruit shaped powder candy, the music, movies etc.; these cultural references brought back many memories, some that hadn’t crossed my mind in ages.  For a bit we were tripping along somewhat parallel memory lane paths.  As “past Kim” grew up we started to diverge and there were times her meandering reminiscences completely lost me while at other times her memory pit stops weren’t relatable at all. When the rambling
became too much or she roamed to places difficult for me to follow I found myself skimming that section.
Ms. Korson’s dry wit is entertaining but against the backdrop of apathy and glass half empty, hang make that pretty much drained, I DON’T HAVE A HAPPY PLACE goes down better in small doses; especially if you aren’t naturally inclined toward that outlook.
Overall Ms. Korson’s trip down memory lane was hit and miss for me.
3 stars
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