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My thoughts….3.5 stars
First impressions are a big deal and frankly, Evie Rosen’s left a lot to be desired. She came across as self absorbed, envious, and in
many ways that matter most, a poor friend. However, this is her book so I was hopeful because not liking the protagonist makes for a long torturous book.
Then two major life events prompt a beyond ridiculously connected Evie to give up smart phones, Facebook, Instagram, and even her
computer.  Evie disconnects completely, and after her withdrawal wanes, begins to discover a whole world out there just waiting to be explored.
It’s easy to get sucked into the illusions created by Facebook and other sites. Evie cyberstalks exes and constantly checks email, likes, etc. She’s connected 24/7. When Evie is forced to see she has a problem, inspiring the decision to disconnect, my interest became fully engaged. Up to that point I was struggling.
Will Evie be able bridge the distance, reconnect with friends and family, and clear up the misunderstandings and misperceptions
developed when she had her face stuck in a blackberry or computer constantly? Will she be able to have a romantic relationship without the assistance of Google?
LOVE AND MISS COMMUNICATION is an engaging modern cautionary tale about how easy it is to miss out on a real life when you become a slave to social media and the narrow electronic windows on the world created by being electronically leashed. As a reader who remembers life before the internet, much less social media, Evie’s journey to discover, “Is there life without always being connected?” was refreshing. In all honesty, considering how many usually ignore each other in favor of their phones, it’s one more people should consider taking.

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