Jake and Laura have taken the big step and are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Pre-Pearl Harbor, white sand beaches, and their friend Amelia Earhardt is slated to make her attempt to fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles. You can imagine everyone’s dismay when one of the prominent local businessmen backing the flight with prize money is found shot dead in Amelia’s hangar. Is his murder personal or is there a more sinister reason for his death.

The third in the Jake and Laura series finds our sweethearts newly married and enjoying the beaches and sights of Hawaii. When a man is shot to death in Amelia’s hangar she immediately calls on her friend Laura for help. Of course Laura includes Jake and George Putnam, Amelia’s husband, ensures Jake’s services are put to use on Amelia’s behalf.

Poor Jake, caught between a rock and a hard place when he’s threatened with the loss of his career if he doesn’t “assist” the police, whether they want it or not.

There aren’t as many cameo appearances from historical figures or names dropped but when you have Hawaii and Amelia Earhart front and center they’re superfluous.

Jake and Laura run into old acquaintances, one of which has Jake a tad green; who manage to assist and cause more trouble for our reluctant detective newlyweds. Granted, the whodunnit of the mystery won’t tax your grey cells but there’s a wicked twist and one heck of a climactic fight scene. That being said, it’s always enjoyable to spend a few hours with my favorite historical sleuthing couple, regardless.

Anticipating Jake and Laura’s next adventure and celebrity encounters when they return to the mainland.

4 stars

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