Reformed mean girl Harlow Glass meets unrepentant one-night-only bad boy, Beck Ockley and more than sparks fly.

Harlow Glass has fallen about as low as a body can. The former Queen of Mean dropped out junior year and has been reclusive ever since. Why? Not that anyone has missed her or even cared what became of her. The town of Strawberry Valley is pretty united in their vehement dislike of Harlow. Now, having lost her home to foreclosure after her mother’s death, she’s living rough in a tent hidden on land that used to belong to her. When she uses a “found” key to break into her former home and steal a pie it puts her dead in the sights of one of the new owners, Beck Ockley.

Beck Ockley aka sex walking is smooth, practiced, and devastating when he focuses his considerable charm. One night of bliss and a killer morning after breakfast is what he offers. He knows what to say, how to look, where and when to touch, but more than a night, emotions, or heaven forbid-a relationship simply aren’t in his repertoire; no way, no how, nothing doing. Beck isn’t a fan of change either. In fact, moving to Strawberry Valley, OK with his “brothers”, Jace and West, has been enough change to last him a lifetime, thank you very much.

And then he comes face to face with the woman whose life, chronicled in pictures and placed in a box, he discovered in his room at the farmhouse. The little girl hunched to appear smaller, the defiant teenager, her eyes have haunted him since he saw the first picture. She’s in his house, with his pie in her hands……

From their first encounter and throughout THE HOTTER YOU BURN Beck and Harlow keep readers flipping those pages. Their banter is quick and funny, reflecting how they keep each other on their toes. While some of the push-pull between them is par for the course there are plenty of surprises and situations that keep them from being a predictable paint by number couple with a typical romance.

With a supporting cast that’s just as quirky and unique ~ Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? ~ playing off and complementing each other wonderfully, readers are skillfully drawn into their lives and the delightful (most of the time) town of Strawberry Valley.

It’s always exciting when a story or character throws you a curve or two and THE HOTTER YOU BURN has that in spades along with some serious bite. It managed to surprise me, tug at my heart, and leave me clamoring for more. Looking forward to where West and the next Original Heartbreakers book takes me….

4 stars   Amazon

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