ALLIANCE ~ A Timewalker Novel by M.L. Callahan

Alexa took a deep breath and waited for the panic rising to go back down into her gut where it belonged. She needed help. That was blatantly obvious to her now. She couldn’t get onto their computers. She had no idea where they kept the virus samples or how to destroy them. She had the guard’s access key card in her pocket, but as soon as they discovered him, they’d most likely turn it off.

Lifting her head, she inspected the man in front of her. He obviously hated Trent Georges. He was angry that they planned to experiment on human beings. And, by his own admission, Luke was on the team that was working with the M-6 Mutation of Ebola.

If he was smart enough to create a vaccine, he should know how to kill it.

Maybe he wasn’t beyond saving. Judging by the fury of his clenched jaw and fists, he was not happy with the way things were going here.

Maybe, just maybe, she should take a chance and trust him.

He could actually get into the lab. He knew how to wear the bio-protection suits that looked like they belonged in a cheesy sci-fi horror movie. He knew what he was doing. He had access to everything. Computer files. Viral cultures. Records. And he knew the building, the people, and the routines inside and out.

Maybe, just maybe, she could get him to listen.

In a sudden move that made her jump, Luke slammed his hand against the top of his desk. “Screw this.”

Luke slammed out of his office.

Alexa would have leapt for joy, but she barely had the energy to keep pace as she quietly opened his door to sneak out after him. His much longer legs ate up the distance through the long hallways.

She followed him into the elevator, got off when he did, and followed him past security and into the parking lot where the smell of fresh air, trees and open sky greeted her. She jogged to keep up as he walked toward his parked SUV.

He had the driver’s door open before she realized that he was about to leave her behind.

Alexa ran to the back of his car and ducked down before screaming his name. “Luke! Luke Lawson. Over here.”

He walked a couple steps past her, his eyes scanning the parking area. “Hello?”

While he waited for an answer that wasn’t going to come, Alexa streaked past him to his still open driver’s side door and climbed in, crawled into the second-row seats, and then kept going to the cargo area in the back. Other than a couple things in the passenger seat, the car was spotless.

The moment the engine came to life she curled into a ball on her side and tried to stay small. They went through a checkpoint, after which Luke hit the gas. Immediately, the tension drained from her shoulders and her entire body relaxed into a puddle of raw nerves and exhaustion. She’d never bent light for that length of time. It took a lot of concentration, effort and energy.

She was tired, hungry, discouraged and about to risk the lives of billions of people on one man’s honor. And if Luke Lawson turned out to be a grade-A asshole?

A shiver raced over her spine. She really didn’t want to think about the answer to that question.


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For centuries aliens have waged a covert war for control of Earth using time travel as a weapon. A select group of humans become their soldiers, genetically modified pawns destined to be caught in the crossfire. But this time, the pawns have a plan of their own…and the fate of all mankind rests in their hands.

Don’t miss ALLIANCE, Book 1 in The Timewalker Chronicles, a series ten years in the making featuring time travel, aliens, special ops, genetic engineering, action, adventure, danger, gadgets, spaceships, and romance. Don’t miss it!


M.L. Callahan is a sci-fi fanatic and full time writer. Alliance is Callahan’s twelfth novel. Fans of Hugh Howey’s Wool series, Wayward Pines, Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League Series, or Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series will not be able to resist Callahan’s complex world building, twisting plot lines, or unique premise. Callahan writes something brand new in the science fiction arena with character driven stories that read more like adventure books than hard science manuals. The Timewalker Chronicles are like nothing you’ve ever read before. Don’t miss this book!

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