Kevin Pryslak’s THE *%&# IT LIST w/ giveaway

Bucket Lists are everywhere. Everyone’s always talking about adding things to theirs or being able to mark something off. Not me, no bucket list here and there never will be. Kevin Pryslak shares my opinion of these self induced lil stress lists and has taken it a step further. He’s written THE *%#@ IT LIST. According to Kevin, he wrote THE *%#@ IT LIST because:

I was at my 30 year college reunion and all of my “college friends” were talking about all the things on their bucket lists. Needless to say I thought they were all pretty pathetic. Who really wants to swim in the Ganges in feces? Who wants to go to a nudist colony? I don’t know about you guys but I have nothing there to write home about. Plus they have a new thing called an iPhone! This book is full of things I have no interest in doing and quite frankly you shouldn’t either.

Also, I needed the money!”  

Face it, life is short and who has time to see 1000 places, read 1000 more “classics” or see 1000 movies somebody else deems essential, and all that nonsense? Here is a list of 101 things you should never bother with from the fiendishly clever mind of Kevin Pryslak. The F*ck It List is a hilarious middle-finger salute to all those absurd life goals that will ensure an anxiety-filled middle age will be followed by shame-filled golden years. It pokes a sorely needed pin into a bloated rite of passage that’s ripe for deflation. Do you really need to firewalk or didn’t Oprah and Tony Robbins take care of that for us? Swimming with sharks is a really dumb idea, so let’s leave that with the gullible reality tv desperadoes, shall we? Kevin Pryslak has come up with a “to don’t list” that will have you laughing out loud and leave you with lots more time to do the all the things YOU really want to do!

Chapters include:

  • I’m not going to a nudist colony
  • I’m not going to become a millionaire
  • I’m not getting a coffee enema
  • I’m not getting back in shape
  • I’m not going to start a band
  • I’m not walking the Great Wall of China
  • I’m not going to run for public office
  • I’m not going to quit work

So, where do you stand on Bucket Lists, yay or nay?  Tell us, keeping it PG please, and be entered to win a copy. Winner will be chosen at random on Christmas Eve night (EST).  Please be sure and leave your email in your comment so you can be contacted if you win. Good Luck!

Kevin Pryslak maintains his existence in Brooklyn, NY. When he’s not writing about things that suck, you can find him reviewing delivery dumplings, playing with his two rescue dogs, Stevey and Gilligan, organizing his socks by color and length.

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