Alice Clayton, The Redhead Srs. and WALLBANGER with giveaway

Thank you for taking the time to visit Manic Readers, Alice.

My pleasure! Thanks for having me.

The first thing I’m dying to know, is the sneeze story really autobiographical?  Nearly choked on my salt & vinegar chip when I read that!

I can neither confirm nor deny this story. But it was totally me…  

What part of gardening is your favorite?

When the bulbs come up in the Spring, I always forget how many I planted and then I’m so surprised at how much work I did! 

Have you found someone to do KP duty after you bake?  What’s your baking preference?  Not much for baking myself unless it’s lasagna or some such.

Mr. Alice has told me I am no longer allowed to load the dishwasher. It’s an older model, and I assume that it’s ok to put things in there without rinsing. This is apparently not true, so I have been banned from loading it. What sucks is that means to UNLOAD it, which is my single most hated household chore. I would rather clean toilets than undo the dishwasher, but sadly it has fallen to me. Baking preference is definitely cookies or brownies, and any kind of breakfasty bread (zucchini, pumpkin, etc). I can do cakes, but I prefer cookies. I also love any kind of crisp, and homemade pie crust makes me moan. 


For those of us who are totally clueless (but not for long hopefully :)) a bit about your Redhead series, THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD & THE REDHEAD REVEALED, please.

Tell you a little about them? Sure! Well the first thing you have to know about The Redhead Series is they are the first work of fiction I have ever written. Actually, it’s the first anything I’ve ever written, with the exception of work related projects. I had a few ideas, some characters suggested themselves, and I was curious enough about them to see what happened next! 

I am fascinated, like most people, with the concept of celebrity, and how those that are in the public eye actually live their life. And as a woman creeping ever closer to 40, I wanted to explore the idea of old dreams, the ones that got away. Take the new hot Hollywood It Boy, set him opposite of a women in her 30’s just back in LA to take the town by storm, throw in some Chex Mix, and see what happens. Steamy? Yes. Sexy? Hell yes. Silly? Even more so.  

Any advice for those who aren’t genetically disposed to curvy?

Women need to rock what they have, because the grass is always greener. Or thinner. Or curvier. If you have curly hair you want straight, if you’re tall you wish you were shorter. 

Have you always looked for the funny side?

YES! I have to, or I would lose my mind. I always look for the funny, sometimes to a fault. 12 hours before we lost my very favorite aunt to cancer, my entire extended family was in the waiting room. I kept saying “tumor, I barely knew her”. We all laughed because it was all we could do, but then I laughed so hard I began to cry and couldn’t stop. 

Do you have a “go to pick me up” for when you may get a bit down that you can share?

I love all things Bravo tv. I am addicted to Real Housewives, that’s a great zone out and not think activity for sure.

Is a sense of humor at the top of your “things I find sexy” list?

It’s a must for me. I could never fall in love with someone that can’t make me laugh. All my favorite guys have been insanely funny.  

Please tell us about WALLBANGER.

Oh my goodness, I don’t mind telling you I’m a little in love with these characters. Set in one of my favorite cities in the world San Francisco, Wallbanger tells the silly tale of Caroline, an interior designer who has everything going for her, but hasn’t had an orgasm in what feels like forever. And to make matters worse, she’s got a very “active” neighbor living on the other side of her bedroom wall to remind her of all she is missing out on. When these two finally meet…yeah, it’s pretty interesting. It’s a different kind of romance story, about how easy it can really be but how hard we can make it. Plus it has a very sassy cat named Clive.

Did you write the Redhead series and WALLBANGER as an antidote to all the serious and often humorless erotica that abounds?

I don’t think I set out to do that, I’m just incapable of writing something completely serious. It’s just not in my nature. I crave the funny, the silly, the different. And I always try to write people that either are I want to hang out, or are inspired by people I already know. I read lots of erotica, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, I’m pretty much an equal opportunity reader. I just need a good story and a few surprises to keep me entertained.  

Does your Muse require anything special to get those creative juices flowing?

I’m a procrastinator by nature, always have been. I write best under pressure and when I’m about to miss a deadline. So my Muse is time, and the lack of it. 

Who’s in control of the story, you or the characters?

Both. They tell me where to go and I get them there. 

Do you have a WIP you can reveal any details about?

I have 2 new projects that have been outlined for awhile, but will have to wait until I finish Redhead 3. But I’m excited about them. 

Anything we can look forward to from you in the near future?

The third book in the Redhead Series will be out Spring 2013, and it’s been a long time coming. I am always working on Not Your Mother’s Podcast, a show about women in their 30’s who still act like teenagers, check us out on iTunes! But I have something new that I have been keeping under my hat for awhile. Can’t say too much yet, but I am partnering with my best friend Keili Lefkovitz (an actress and who the character of Holly in The Redhead Series is based on) and my new bestie Brittany Gibbons, blogger extraordinaire. The three of us have teamed up with actor Greg Grunberg (Alias, Heroes, Felicity) and have something pretty cool cooking right now. Stay tuned… 

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me & Manic Readers, Alice.

Thank you so much for having me! I’d love to come back anytime…now go read Wallbanger. Ahem. Shameless.

Alice & Omnific Publishing are giving away an ecopy of WALLBANGER  to one lucky commenter.  Tell us, is a sense of humor and the ability to potentially have you snorting a drink through your nose a must have on your required “traits for a fella” list?  Giveaway ends @12am est 12-10-12.  Winner announced shortly thereafter. Good luck!

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