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Anna here, writing on behalf of the writing team of Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle. Madi’s off doing her day job, so I get to do the jabbering.

A little about the two of us.

Madi and I have been friends for about eight years, and co-authors for seven of those eight. I met her the same way I met my husband—online. The funny thing is, Madi and I have talked dirtier online than I ever did with my hubby! (Little erotic author joke there.)

We’ve got over 20 co-authored books out in the world, all erotic romance. Although I do write some more sensual books on my own, the stories we write together are always steamy hot and pretty naughty. (Madi’s a very bad influence on me!)

This week was the release of our second book in the Puma Nights series from Carina Press, Falke’s Captive.

Book one, Falke’s Peak, came out a little less than a year ago to hot reviews.

Madi and I are thrilled to pieces with this series, and Carina Press, and well, just everything to do with the Falke stories. We can’t get enough of these sexy and sinful shifter brothers. If you love shape-shifting heroes and the women who can’t get enough of them, triad relationships, a little BDSM thrown in to keep things extra spicy, then we firmly believe that the Puma Night series is for you!

So, on to the books.

Falke’s Peak – Book 1 in the Puma Nights series—introduces you to Axel and Gunnar, the two oldest Falke brothers. Two of a set of quads.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Stressed out ad-exec Dakota wandered into Catamount Outfitters in search of a guide for a wilderness excursion. She didn’t expect to be greeted by not one, but five of the most ruggedly delicious-looking men she’d ever seen. Not to mention a live cougar guarding the shop.

The Falke brothers have more than just good looks in their genes.

Eldest brother Axel agrees to guide Dakota on her mountain trek. In cougar form, Axel’s twin, Gunnar, was there as a protection from predators—but he had his eye on the sexy client instead.

Into the wild…

While the rule with clients was “paws-off,” both Axel and Gunnar couldn’t resist Dakota’s seductive Native American beauty and determination. As cold days led to hot nights in the cabin, Axel and Gunnar wondered if they’d finally found a woman strong enough to tame them…

To read an excerpt of Falke’s Peak.

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Audio Book available from Audible.com

Falke’s Captive – Book 2 in the Puma Nights series—introduces you to Kelan and Reidar, the next two brothers from the first set of quads. (There are two more brothers and a sister who will get their own stories before the series is finished…so don’t worry!)

A graduate student working in animal genetics, Beth Coldwell is in town to track and tag big cats in the wild. Her prospects for the summer only improve when she meets Kelan and Reidar Falke and decides the sexy brothers are the right pair to fulfill her other, less than scientific, desires…

But her research is a threat to the Falke family secret. When Kelan, in cougar form, is captured, that secret comes closer than ever to being revealed. He escapes, but not before Beth draws a blood sample, and analysis shows this is no ordinary mountain lion.

Kelan and Reidar cannot deny the powerful attraction they feel toward Beth. She might just be their destined mate. But if they reveal themselves to her, will she embrace who they are or see them as just another science experiment?

To read an excerpt of Falke’s Captive.

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All Romance eBooks

Audio Book available from Audible.com

For those of you who might prefer a tamer romance, I have a new release out from Cobblestone Press. The sex is still pretty spicy, but this is more of a sensual romance, with a touching story about two broken souls coming together with a little nudge from a trio of grumpy old men and a sweet set of infant twins.

Dexter Morgan needs a nanny. The month-old twins won’t stop crying, and the nannies keep running away. He’s exhausted, grieving the death of his sister—the twins’ mother—and terrified he won’t be a good father. He’s at the end of his rope.

Crystal Jorgensen needs a job. After being out of the workforce for three years while she battled breast cancer, she’s finding it impossible to get back in. When her meddling uncles pressure her to see if their next door neighbor could use her help with his new babies, she reluctantly knocks at his door.

To read an excerpt of Just Breathe.

To purchase at Cobblestone.

Thank you so much for your time. We invite you to come see us anytime at www.LayleKeaton.com where you can find our backlist, along with excerpts from each one of our books (hers, mine and ours). There’s also some free giveaways there if you join the blog. We run contests now and then, along with us keeping you up with our goings on.

Also, if you email me at AnnaLeighKeaton@gmail.com with SIGN ME UP in the subject line, I will add your address to my email newsletter. I never share addresses with anyone, and I only send out newsletters when I have real news (releases). In every issue I run a contest that always includes a book by one awesome author or another, and usually something really wonderful, like gourmet chocolates or gift baskets.

Happy Fall everyone! Here’s to a wonderful year head. Cheers!

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