Beverley Eikli and THE MAID OF MILAN with giveaway

Redemption and a woman’s lack of power – or how she wields the power she does have – are popular themes of mine in the historicals I write.

Henry Mayhew’s collection of interviews in 1862 in his ‘London’s Underworld’ makes fascinating reading and the first-hand accounts of ‘ruined women’have been inspirational in many of my stories.

While […]


Hi Ivy,

Nice to be back at MR.

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks preparing for my first ‘History Through Costume’ talk which I presented last night. Dressed in a 1780s polonaise, with the stays, panniers chemise and underwear of the period I discussed the changing silhouette and mostly English and French history between 1750 […]

Beverley Eikli celebrates regaining book rights

It’s great to be back at Manic Readers and, what’s more, to have exciting news.


First of all, though, let me introduce myself properly. I’m an Australian romance author who writes Regencies (as Beverley Eikli) and erotic Historicals (as Beveley Oakley) for a variety of publishers. I live in a pretty country town north of Melbourne […]

Pirates, Pilots and Happy Endings with Beverley Eikli

“Mummy, do you often wish you were a pirate?” my 7-year-old daughter asked me this morning while I dished up three bowls of breakfast porridge.

As the rain slashed against the kitchen window the idea of sailing the seven seas with a parrot on my shoulder, surrounded by dozens of bare-chested, cutlass-wielding pirates did sound rather […]