Catherine Kean, A KNIGHT'S PERSUASION and a giveaway


Have you ever met a fictional character who is so deliciously wicked, you can’t stand the thought of him or her being killed off?  That’s how I felt about Veronique Desjardin, a beautiful and ambitious courtesan I introduced to readers in my medieval romance A Knight’s Vengeance.  She was so ruthless, so determined to have her […]

Why I'm Inspired to Write Historical Romances by Catherine Kean with giveaway

I’m often asked why I write historical romances—specifically, books set in the Middle Ages.  Quite simply, I love that historical era.  I adore castles and the romanticism of chivalry.  And, dare I say, I love bold, sexy, alpha male knights whose heroics make ladies swoon.

Is it any wonder that when my British husband and I […]