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Eternal Flame…Or Why I Still Like Those Bad Boys

By: Cynthia Eden

Once upon a time, there was a hero with a bit of a dark past (way more than a bit). He wasn’t perfect (so far from it). In fact, he had a very, very bad side. He wasn’t a white knight. He was, um, a demon. He could control fire, slip into the minds of humans, and generally cause chaos with a glance.

I loved that hero.  J

Sure, some girls like to write about white knights, but for me, I prefer writing about a more battered and dangerous hero. The hero in my latest novel, ETERNAL FLAME (available 11/30/10) from Kensington Brava, is such a dangerous guy. Zane Wynter is a demon. He’s spent years hunting real-life monsters, and when he’s given his latest assignment, he figures he’ll just be taking down another killer.

Except the killer he’s after turns out to be far more than he expected.

Yes, the “killer” is my heroine—what can I say? I think I like writing about bad girls, too!

Maybe it’s because in real-life, I always do the good girl routine. I bake cookies for my son’s class. I host parties for friends. I always look both ways when I cross the street. All good.

Sometimes, though, you just want to be bad.  So I let my bad side out in my books. I let my characters be as dark and wild as they’d like to be….and I have a blast writing about them.

What about you?  Are you a real-life good-girl?  Do you have a secret crush on the bad boys?  Share with me! One commenter will win a copy of ETERNAL FLAME.

Thanks for checking out my post!

Cynthia Eden

THE NAUGHTY LIST–Available now from Kensington Brava
ETERNAL FLAME–Available 11/30/10 from Kensington Brava

Meaningful comments answering Cynthia’s question y’all!!


Join me in welcoming Cynthia to Manic Readers.  Almost a year ago she was gracious enough to grant me an interview.  Today she talks about broadening her horizons…

Trying Something Different…

Hi, everyone! Thanks so much to Ivy for inviting me over to chat today!

My very first Christmas anthology released last week, so, right now, I’m in a bit of a holiday frame of mind.  J Normally, I write stories about serial killers or demons (or, if I’m feeling particularly perky, serial killing demons), but this time, with this novella, I was able to try something entirely different.

My contribution to THE NAUGHTY LIST is a novella called “All I Want for Christmas”—and there is not a demon or a serial killer anywhere in the story!  What?! I know…it was scary at first for me, too. But…there is a very sexy Santa cop in the tale (I couldn’t totally get away from my love of law enforcement guys), and I finally had the chance to write about a toy inventor heroine (I’ve always wanted this job in real-life).

When my editor first called and asked me to participate in this anthology, I didn’t have any hesitations. Sure, I hadn’t written a straight contemporary holiday story before, but instead of being worried about the process, I was thrilled. You see, I love trying new things. I think it’s great to branch out into other writing areas—it keeps my mind fresh. Exploring something different can be exactly what a tired brain needs in order to recharge.

Different is good. That’s always been my philosophy. I mean, really, do you want the same thing, in and out, everyday? Or do you want to experiment a bit with life?

I’m all for the challenge of a new day…or for the challenge of a new writing journey.

So tell me…have you tried something “different” lately? It could be something as simple was watching a new TV show or reading a new author or even trying a new food. Let that “different” take you away, and enjoy the ride!

One random commenter will win an autographed copy of the Naughty List, so please, share your trying-something-different tales with me.

Have a great day.

Cynthia Eden


THE NAUGHTY LIST—Available now from Kensington Brava

ETERNAL FLAME—Available 11/30/10 from Kensington Brava

OK Y’all, it has to be a meaningful comment, sharing your “trying something different tale”.  I’m sure you have one!


Do tell Cynthia about Eternal Hunter, your new book coming out 12/29.

ETERNAL HUNTER is the new book in my Night Watch series—these books focus on a group of paranormal bounty hunters. The idea behind the series is that sometimes, it takes a monster to catch a monster.  J The hero in this book is Jude Donovan, and he’s a white tiger shifter.  His job is protect Erin Jerome from the supernatural stalker on her tail—but while he’s protecting her, he starts to fall for Erin. And, oh, but that woman has some secrets!

Ooohhh, that sounds really good!

Eternal Hunter










Eternal Hunter

Is there anything you need to feel creative?  Music, caffeine, chocolate, absolute silence….

Chocolate always helps me with my creativity. My theory is that chocolate is good for anything!

Do you schedule writing time or just go with the flow?

When I’m on a deadline, I write everyday—and I usually aim for ten pages a day. I don’t set aside a specific amount of hours. I just write until I meet my page goals.

Are your heroes and heroines based on real people you know, maybe an amalgamation?

Oh, if only I knew those heroes!  But, no, they don’t tend to be based on real people. My heroes and heroines have personality traits that I admire, and sometimes, I’ll steal some of their features from TV or movie stars that I like (say, oh, Dean Winchester from Supernatural).

Do you sometimes scare yourself?

Actually, I have.  A few months ago, I wrote a very dark romantic suspense series for Grand Central (the first book in that series, DEADLY FEAR, will be out in 08/2010, and yep, I scared myself. Supernatural characters don’t scare me—it’s the people who *could* be “real” that scare me.  The serial killer you hear about who has been living down the street—yes, that kind of person scares me.

Is Wolverine one of your favorite fictional characters because of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal?  I have to admit it worked for me!

LOL, no, I actually loved Wolverine long before Hugh Jackman. Though I must admit he made me love the character even more! I’ve always enjoyed Wolverine’s strong, protective nature.  And the guy was bad-ass.  How could I not be drawn to him?

Are you currently reading anything?

I have Linda Howard’s book, ICE, in my TBR pile. Can’t wait to read it!

I really appreciate your taking time to chat with us Cynthia, I’ve enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for interviewing me! It was a pleasure!

Ok y’all, Cynthia is graciously offering a copy of ETERNAL HUNTER.  The winner will be chosen randomly from all comments.



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