LOVE AND RECKONING & Giveaway w/ Gina Danna

Aurelia sat on the lounge cushions, immensely pleased with herself. Now, with that wild man a slave in her brother’s gladiatorial stable,
she could see that mark on his shoulder close up. She halfway smiled as she bit her lower lip, remembering how he looked. Like a beast on the sands—or a god. His skin glowed with sweat, tinted […]

Regency – Women’s Restricted Lives with Gina Danna

Today, women have a multitude of careers to choose from. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, business executives, sales and so much more. But it is the 21st century. So what did women do to live in the time of the Regency, c. 1816? Were any of these career paths of today open to women then? NO.

Ladies of […]

LOVE AND VENGEANCE in Ancient Rome and giveaway with Gina Danna

The Fun That Research Exposes for Historic Novels

I have long held a fascination with Ancient Rome. Being half Sicilian probably edged me closer to this interest. My family is Italians who moved to Sicily before then finally emigrated to the US around the turn of the 20th century. So when I was talking to […]