Jeffe Kennedy is a Manic Reader

Oh yeah, I’ve always been a manic reader. Most writers are, I think. We start out as Miss Nose-in-a-Book and go on to accumulate libraries. We discover which genres we love best and talk to other readers about them. When I discovered romance, it was a guilty secret for me. I thought it wasn’t literary enough, or arty enough. I didn’t know anyone else who read them, so I never got to discuss that way-too alpha hero or what made one heroine sniveling and another heart-warming. No one gave me tips on which ones had the best sex scenes.

It’s so wonderful that sites like this have allowed things to change. I love hearing from authors and seeing what readers think. It’s so fun to find my tribe.

The other “new” thing I love is my eReader and all the wonderful books available for me to read without anyone judging the clinch on the cover. Sapphire is a sexy story with a naughty cover. And it looks just like a scene in the book. Look at it all you like and, if you decide to read it, no one will know our secret.

Unless you blab about it. But that’s okay – that’s what we’re here for.


A successful executive, M. Taylor Hamilton is on track with her ten-year plan. Too bad her personal life consists of hitting the gym and grocery shopping.Enter the seductive Adam Kirliss. They may have a working relationship, but everything changes at an office party when he handcuffs her to the rail of a yacht.

Taylor writes the adventure off as too much champagne, but when Adam challenges her to a date, she agrees to meet up with him. And follow his rules. They share a night of exquisite intimacy, brimming with both pain and pleasure. But afterwards, fearful of losing her heart, Taylor pulls back emotionally.

Adam is determined to prove that she longs for the loss of control he can give her – and the passionate release it provides. How can he make her see that he wants her, and not just her body?


Jeffe took the crooked road to writing, stopping off at neurobiology, religious studies and environmental consulting before her creative writing began appearing in places like Redbook, Puerto del Sol, Wyoming Wildlife, Under the Sun and Aeon. An erotic novella, Petals and Thorns, came out under her pen name of Jennifer Paris in 2010, heralding yet another branch of her path, into erotica and romantic fantasy fiction. Jeffe lives in Santa Fe, with two Maine coon cats, a border collie, plentiful free-range lizards and frequently serves as a guinea pig for an acupuncturist-in-training.

Find her on Facebook and Twitter or visit her at her website .

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Jeffe Kennedy

Ya-huh! Ya-huh! <- that’s me doing an end zone dance. Not pretty. Be glad you can’t really see it.Read the rest at my blog.

Sapphire available October 24 from Carina Press.

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