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Maude Whitney has a problem.  Not only is she a widowed single mother raising her son alone on a farm in the rugged Ozark Mountains in late 1918, she’s all too aware she married the wrong Whitney brother.  She wed Jamie but her heart always belonged to Harry although she failed to realize it until it was too late.  Jamie marched off to war but like many other soldiers, he won’t be coming home, his life given for his country.  Maude has trouble mourning him, however, because after the news of his death, Granpa Whitney died and Granny moved to town.  Harry, who’d been sharing the family farmhouse, moved to the old pioneer cabin so gossiping tongues wouldn’t wag but Maude misses and needs him.

Maude’s the heroine of my brand new historical romance release Hear The Wind Blow, Love.  It’s out today from Rebel Ink Press and is my 18th full length novel to date with Rebel Ink.  Readers who enjoy my previous historical novels including Guy’s Angel, In The Shadow of War, and Dust Bowl Dreams should like this one too.

To make everything more fun, I’ll be giving away an eBook copy of my new release – to enter, just leave your name and email with a comment! Tell me why you’d like to read this novel or your favorite historical era or anything. 

When the Armistice ends the Great War in November 1918, the end comes too late to save Maude Whitney’s husband, Jamie.  But Maude realizes her heart still belongs to Harry, her brother-in-law who courted her first.  He’s been her rock in Jamie’s absence while they shared quarters with the grandparents who raised the brothers. But Granpa died and Granny moved to town so when Maude invites him to move back under the same roof, it’s sure to be a scandal in the rural Ozarks.   

Before gossiping tongues can spread the news, the Spanish influenza wreaks havoc in the area.  It brings death close to home for Maude and Harry.  As they fall deeper in love and plan to wed, their troubles are just beginning.  Old feuds erupt and the day after Christmas, Harry’s hauled into custody and accused of a murder he didn’t commit.  Harry must prove his innocence and survive a serious bout of flu or there’s no happy ending for the star-crossed couple.   


“I’ll do right by you,” he said, his voice earnest with feeling. “I won’t take advantage.”

She might like it if he did, but Maude understood.  He respected her. “I know,” she replied softly. “I’m glad you’re home, Harry.”

Unseen, unspoken, a powerful emotion surged between them and resonated, almost strong enough to touch.  All the affection Maude held for Harry welled up and she struggled to contain it.  They’d lived in one household for a long time and managed.  Whatever happened now, she wouldn’t force.  He released her hand but his fingers paused to stroke her cheek in a brief caress.  “Looks like the fire needs feeding,” he said.  He rose and stirred the embers, then added another log.  The flames danced and their light illuminated Harry as he knelt before the hearth.

I love him, in every way a woman loves a man.  She’d never stopped and all she felt surpassed anything she’d felt for Jamie.  Maude mourned his passing, but she knew now how much more she’d grieve if it’d been Harry, not his brother who died inFrance.  Some of the strain of recent weeks lifted and a little bubble of happiness expanded within.  Harry’s presence tempered the bone numbing loneliness and offered comfort.

Anything else would be welcome and if it came, she’d know joy, deep and abiding.

Hear The Wind Blow, Love is now available at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks B&N, and other online retailers.

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