Folklore and Mythical Creatures with M. Allman

It’s a pleasure to be back at her at Manic Readers. I’m excited to discuss my latest writing project, “Mermaid’s Kiss.”

I have always loved books about mythical creatures and folklore, so in my newest young adult short story, I came up with a new twist on the mermaid premise.  I love mermaids and wanted to […]

A little bit of scary is good, right? M. Allman

When you were a kid did you love fall, because you knew Halloween was just around the corner? Yes, or course the candy was a big reason to love this holiday, but so was dressing up and being scared. There were scary shows on television throughout the month of October and a lot of times, […]


At first, when I announced to everyone I knew –out of sheer excitement—that Tales from Imagination’s Closet had been accepted for publication, I didn’t know how to answer the one question everyone asked me. “What’s your book about?”

I had to stop…think about it a minute. “Well, it’s a book of short stories,” I’d reply, but    that […]