In the Wild with Michele Drier

The other night I woke up about 5 a.m.I was a little disoriented because I’m not normally awake then and I lay there wondering what woke me.

I didn’t hear anything, but my cat suddenly jumped up on the bed and sat on my head, his signal for an empty food bowl. I tried to reason […]

Continuing Education with Michele Drier

My seventh book is languishing, mired in the dreaded middle third.

I know where I’m going to end up—although I haven’t written the last line yet—but the middle is a slog. Partially because I’ve had a few interruptions.

I write in two genres, traditional mysteries—not cozies and not thrillers—and paranormal romance. And my timeline is three books […]

A project for Spring with Michele Drier

Even as a kid, when you had to wear green to school or get pinched,St.Patrick’s Day has been one of those annual times to remember ancient rituals.

I’m not Catholic, nor is my family, but we do have some Irish blood; along with English, Welsh and a smattering of Portuguese, thanks to someone way back in […]

Old Friends with Michele Drier

I was shocked last week when I heard about the death of a high school acquaintance.

It’s not unusual to read about the death of someone you once knew, but it brings home the fact that you’ll never have a conversation with that person again. I’ve lost several friends and relatives over the years, including my […]

Michele Drier and The Third Wave

 “In a time when terrorists play death games with hostages, as currencies careen amid rumors of a Third World War, as embassies flame and storm troopers lace up their boots, in many lands we stare in horror at the headlines.  The price of gold—-that sensitive barometer of fear—breaks all records.  Banks tremble.  Inflation rages out […]

Michele Drier’s new love interest

I have a new love interest.

Well, maybe “love” is too strong a word.

But I’m definitely intrigued with someone I’ve never met.

A few months ago, a pal from high school mentioned an organization called Coursera on his facebook page.  He was talking about taking an engineering course from them.

An online engineering class? That sounded interesting. I […]

Plague…the Black Death


The Black Death.

The Scourge of God.


Today, we shudder when we read about this disease that killed off a third to half of Europe’s population in the 14th century.  And we think it was a one-time pandemic of a disease that caused more deaths than any other and mysteriously went away.

Wrong on both counts.

Where bubonic plague […]

Flag Day with Michele Drier

Today is Flag Day, a much more low-key celebration than the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Veterans’ Day now, but it wasn’t always so.

The first flag day was June 14, 1885 when a Wisconsin teacher created the Flag’s Birthday, in honor of the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars […]