Shannon, thank you for taking the time to visit with Manic Readers today.

Thanks for having me!

What exactly did you do as an Industrial Engineer?

I worked in telecom—mostly distribution and logistics.  The nuts and bolts are boring, but my work was all about improving manufacturing processes so that things were better, safer, faster, cheaper, etc.

What about writing appealed enough to make you decide to quit engineering?

I had no intention of writing when I quit engineering.  That came after I got bored, once I no longer had a day job to go to. I tried writing mostly to see whether or not I could do it. Once I did, I was hooked!

Is it difficult to be a 2 writer family?

I don’t think so.  We’re busy, but we both get exactly what the other’s job is all about.  That makes us especially considerate of each other’s time when deadlines loom.

You’re very creative both writing and creating jewelry.  Do you find the jewelry satisfies a different creative urge than the writing?

Absolutely. I’ve always had a strong urge to create, and while the writing helps that, the jewelry also fills that instant gratification thing that is hard to find with projects that take weeks to complete—like a novel.  Plus, the jewelry is all sparkly and pretty, where the books tend to be dark, grim and dangerous.

I confess I haven’t read the Sentinel War series but I have a friend who’s a huge fan.  Personally, I really enjoyed LIVING ON THE EDGE and look forward to RAZOR’S EDGE.  What are your 3 favorite things from each series?

I love being able to switch between them.  I think it helps keep things fresh.  When I start getting tired of the “real” world of the Edge series, I can hop over to the magical world of the Sentinels, and vice versa.  I love the fantastical aspect of the Sentinels, and the science-run-amok aspect of the Edge. And in both, I love the characters.  I think that’s what keeps me going, working to give everyone their happily ever after. I feel like I know these people and I want them to be happy. Eventually.

Are they similar for you & if so how?

I feel like the pacing is similar, as is the depth of emotion, but beyond that, they feel very different to me.

Do you plan to do any more with your Delta Force Series?

Not at this time. I’ve got more work than I can handle, and new ideas I want to tackle, so I will probably leave the DF series as is for the foreseeable future.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

Getting to spend all day in my jammies with hot men and kick-ass women.

Least favorite?


Have you ever considered self-publishing?

The idea is intriguing, but the work I’m doing now is all contracted, so there’s not a whole lot of time to pursue other projects.  Maybe one day…

Does your muse require anything in particular?

As my husband says, I don’t have a muse, I have a mortgage.  To me this is a job.  I get up and do it, whether or not I want to.  Muses are fickle bitches that have no place in my professional life. J

Quiet or music when you write?

Quiet or thunderstorms to drown out the noise if I can’t find silence.

Do you have a personal favorite character you’ve created?

I really love Madoc from the Sentinel Wars. He’s so gritty and foul-mouthed, but he’s the perfect example of actions speaking louder than words.  I do love those bad boys. J

Do you have a favorite book?

LIVING NIGHTMARE is the favorite of my books, but I don’t dare pick a favorite from other writers.  There are too many to name.

Have your reading tastes changed over time?

Yes, I used to read sci-fi and fantasy when I was a kid.  Then I found historical romance shortly after college, which led me to contemporary and paranormal romances, which is the majority of what I read now.

Do you have “go to” authors to suit your moods?

I do! JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Suzanne Brockmann, Lori Foster, Lora Leigh, Shannon McKenna to name a few.

Is there one genre you don’t care to read?

It’s not technically a genre, but I don’t like to read anything written in 1st person or present tense.  Those formats simply don’t resonate with me.  I mostly stick to the genres I write, since those are my favorites, and I don’t have nearly the time to read that I used to.

Thanks again Shannon for being with us today.  I’ve enjoyed it so much.

Thanks for letting me come out and play!

Y’all are soooo lucky!!!

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