Tip for proposal #3

The longer you make anything in your proposal—words, sentences, titles, paragraphs, chapters, anecdotes, and the book itself—the better it must be to justify its length.

Tip for proposal #2

Avoid the words I, we, us, and our unless the book is about you. Editors are wary of authors who overuse the word I unless it’s relevant to the book. Unless you or your experience are part of the book, write about the subject, not yourself. Also avoid the words you and your in your […]

Tips for Proposal #1

People like to read about other people. That’s why anecdotes are an effective way to get your point across. Use fictional techniques to make them short stories that pack a wallop by being as humorous, dramatic, inspirational, or startling as possible. Anecdotes humanize the book by presenting a slice of life that readers can relate […]

Tips for writing a Time-Travel Novel

Top tips for writting a […]