Brought up on the Isle of Wight, the sailing capital of England, I did my best to have as little as possible to do with boats. Years later, my husband persuaded me to get involved. The things I do for lurve! Even so, I drew the line at anything to do with sails. A good strong, reliable motor – preferably more than one – floats my boat. Sorry, couldn’t resist the dreadful pun.

Never waste an experience, that’s my motto, and the best thing to come out of my boating experiences is The Hunter Files, my series of marine crime novels. Write about what you know, and I’m not talking crime here! Unfinished Business, the first in the series, is released by Carina Press today. Charlie Hunter lives aboard his trawler yacht in Brighton marina and, guess what, his boat, the No Comment, (well, what else would a disillusioned cop call his boat?),is based on a trawler we once owned and kept in Brighton.

Here’s the gorgeous cover that Carina came up with. Don’t you just love it?

A little bit more about Charlie. He retires from the police force at 40 to work on his boat and go fishing with his son on weekends, not to become an amateur sleuth. But he can’t say no to Kara Webb when she seeks his help in tracking down her sister, missing for 15 years.

The disappearance of teenager Jasmine Webb was one of the first cases Charlie worked on after being made a detective. He’s never forgotten it or his suspicions, even after the girl’s parents told police they’d heard from her and the file on Jasmine was closed.

When Charlie’s son is threatened, finding Jasmine becomes even more important. It’s no longer just about closure, it’s about protecting his family. Which makes the constant dead ends all the more frustrating. Until Charlie realises that the question they should be asking isn’t where Jasmine is, but who has Jasmine become…

Want to know more? Pop across to my website at  W.Soliman where you can read the entire first chapter. Answer a simple question and you stand a chance of winning a copy of the book.

Whilst you’re surfing, there’s an even easier way to get in line for a copy of the book. Just go to my Facebook Author Page click the Like button and leave a message that includes a reference to Unfinished Business.

Unfinished Business Available from Carina Press or Amazon $5.99

Hope you enjoy it. Do let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

W. Soliman

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