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Big World Network is the world’s premiere episodic literary network. Like television…in book form. BWN publishes written and audio content weekly bringing back the old concept of serialized fiction and non-fiction, with the intention of also formally publishing completed stories as paperback, eBook, and audiobook anthologies.

BWN began in early 2011, created to offer a distinct and entertaining way to enjoy serialized literature. The concept is unique in today’s world of tablet readers and mobile devices, but not new. Series writing has been around since before the 1800s, and many authors got their start by publishing with serialized installments (including Charles Dickens).

Unlike a traditional novel with a clear endpoint, series on continue for as long as their readers want more and new seasons are renewed. The average series episode is between 4-10 pages, the perfect length to sit back and relax while catching up on your favorite story.

So pick a series or two and enjoy being able to read or listen to your favorite genres of writing in a whole new way. And please, help us grow with more selections by spreading the word about

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Everyone Dies At The End
Riley Amos Westbrook

Jonathan Thompson

Changing Wax
Jared Quan

J Christopher Thompson

Keeping House
E.T. Mills

Heart of the Hurricane
May Woodworth

Tales of Myrick the (not so) Magnificent
Berin Stephens

The Frozen Globe
Michael Young

Homecoming: Identity
Heather Justesen

Taking the Floor
Tristi Pinkston

Accidental Passion: Seduction
Meagan Hedin

Babes in Spyland
Jo Ann Schneider

The Tenth God of the Infinite Polygon
Tatjana Mutinelli

Taking Care of Business
Tristi Pinkston

Incubus (The Incubus Saga - Book 1)
Amanda Meuwissen

Darkling Drake
Tawn Krakowski

Just Kill Me
Wendy Herman

Climbing Family Trees: Whisper in the Leaves
Trina Boice

Delroy Versus the Yshtari
Berin Stephens

Amazing Grace
James Hellvig

The Secret
Taylor Hart


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