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Press Release

August 27, 2012: Liquid Silver Books announces the opening of our new romance bookstore at LSbooks.

Liquid Silver Books is a full-service, royalty-paying eBook publisher. Your book will receive exceptional editing, copyediting, award- winning cover art and ISBN, all packaged in a professional and fun environment.

We pay 35% royalties on monies received from sales in all outlets. Royalties are paid on a calendar quarter basis. We contract electronic rights for two years.

With over 30 years combined experience in publishing and ecommerce, the staff of LSB is committed to providing authors and readers an experience worth remembering.

We currently accept all erotic romance genres. Romance is the key to our stories. Stories must have well-developed characters, with depth and explosive chemistry that entice the reader to like and/or identify with them.

Mix in an imaginative and fully realized plot, vivid settings, and clear dialogue, and you’ve got the ingredients for a story we’d be interested in publishing.

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, Xakara
., Mima
., Xakara
Adams, Jocelyn
Allen, Kayelle
Armstrong, Mechele
Barrack, Jeanne
Barron, Emma
Bellina, Naomi
Bordeaux, Belladonna
Brennan, Eileen Ann
Bridger, David
Bridger, Denyse M
Brookes, Sara
Burke, Aliyah
Bush, Chastity
Caldwell, Tatiana
Carney, Dee
Carter, Mina
Celeste, Mercy
Christopher, Bren
Conway, J. C.
Cory, Ann
Cox, Anita
Dane, Cameron
Dees, Marie
Desbois, Sherri
Dex, Jocelyn
Donnelly, Alianne
Drake, Ella
Drewry , Jayelle
Eresse, Eresse
Ferdinand, Leslie Christine
Finn, Elizabeth
Forte, P. G.
Fraser, Lauren
Garrett, Reily
Gimpel, Ann
Gooden, Nina S.
Grant, Lillian
Grey, Sofia
Jackson, D L
James, Roscoe
Jameson, Becca
Jardine, Laura
Jayde, Amanda
Jones, Kailynn
Kaye, M.S.
Kilgallen, Blaise
Kincade, Parker
Knox, Kim
Lee, Mara
Leeland, Jennifer
Leigh, Anna Austen
Leo, Rosanna
Levey, Mahalia
Lorenz, Lynn
Love, Colleen
loveday, dy k
Lucas, Samantha
Lyn, Vicki
Madison, Temple
Mancini, Emilia
Manly, D J
Mayburn, Ann
McClure, Dawn M
Michaels, Renee
Midway, Bridget
Moore, P.A.
Nicholls, Cherie
North, Vanessa
O'Hurley, Alexandra
Owens, Lisa M
Paige, Christa
Pimentel, Layna
Plowman, Angela
Print, Rhonda
Quan, Tara
Rhys, Camryn
Rice, Marianne
Royce, Rebecca
Rush, Elle
Schaefer, Terri
Scott, Madison
Shannon, L.
Shaw, Lila
Shay, Serena
Slayer, Megan
Smith, Danielle D
Snow, K. Z.
Sookoo, Sandra
Stowe, Miranda
Thomas, Sherri
Tyler, Lynn
Valentine, Lex
Violante, Maria
Voisen, Angelique
Wallace, Kelly
Weger, Jackie
Whitehall, Haley
Whyles, Elise
Williamson, Brenda
Willoughby, Kate
Woodhull, Lucy

Submission Guidelines

Current Releases

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Predator's Salvation, Gemini Island Shifters 8
Rosanna Leo

Selkie's Lure, Orkney Selkies 3
Rosanna Leo

Layna Pimentel

Rogues & Riverboats
Temple Madison

Frankenstein In Love
Temple Madison

Taming the Spitfire
Temple Madison

Hell's Hero
Temple Madison

Predator's Rescue, Gemini Island Shifters 7
Rosanna Leo

Unholy Alliance
Reily Garrett

That Sweet Burn
Temple Madison

Back Alley Cop
Temple Madison

Not Just a Friend
Laura Jardine

Predator's Trinity, Gemini Island Shifters 6
Rosanna Leo

Shadowed By Sin
Layna Pimentel

False Impressions
Marianne Rice

Alpha's Voodoo
Haley Whitehall

Marius' Toy (Immortal Mates 1)
Angelique Voisen

False Hope
Marianne Rice

Not a Second Chance
Laura Jardine

Isolde's Fire
Kailynn Jones

False Start
Marianne Rice


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