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Logical-Lust Publications was formed in 2003 and is now the erotic romance and erotica imprint of LL-Publications. Both houses are run by the husband and wife team of Jim and Zetta Brown in a team that includes Logical-Lust's senior editor Rachel McIntyre and sensational graphics Goddess Helen Madden ( We've had the honor to work with talented erotica anthology editors like Jolie DuPré, M. Christian, D. L. King, and Cole Riley. We produce erotic and erotic romance and their subgenres in paperback and multiple digital (ebook) formats. We are based in Scotland, UK, but we work with authors on both sides of the Atlantic and do so very well. We are a small press and we pick quality over quantity. Our aim is to produce top quality erotic romance and erotica. We also aim to provide readers the best variety of original and creative fiction and make these books available, not just from ourselves, but through retailers like Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and a multitude of others who are willing to discount products through competition. We offer a competitive royalty structure for authors, and even though we are a small press, we are happy to work with our authors to market their books. Publishing books is a difficult industry. Changes in technology have meant advances in print techniques and the growing popularity of ebooks. Publishers need to maintain an openness to these changes and to people’s buying and reading habits in order to meet these changes and embrace them. As the industry and the reader’s needs change, then so must we.
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Jolie du Pré

Jolie du Pré

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Anna Austen Leigh

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Evelyn Applegate

D. L. King

The Cougar Book
Tara S. Nichols

The Cougar Book
Brenna Lyons

Cherries Jubilee: Before Eva Met Jared
Zetta Brown

Messalina - Devourer of Men
Zetta Brown



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