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Penumbra Publishing

PENUMBRA PUBLISHING offers innovative and exciting titles in print and ebook formats in a variety of fiction genres including romance, science-fiction, horror, women's fiction, thriller, suspense, fantasy, paranormal, and more. Our goal is to offer our books at reasonable prices competitive with books from mainstream publishers. We are starting off slowly to build our catalog of books by choosing only top-notch stories to satisfy the needs of our readers. 

PENUMBRA PUBLISHING is a small independent royalty-paying publisher originally formed to offer more publishing opportunities for authors with quality work who are not being serviced by the big 'traditional' publishers. Our authors are new to publishing or may have previously published titles. We are a close-knit community and believe that authors working together to achieve common goals will benefit more than those trying to making it alone. We plan to always remain open for submissions.

Please contact us at or visit our web site at for more information.
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Current Releases

Holding Back the Day
jamie wasserman

Darwin's Children
Natasha N Larry

Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story
jamie wasserman

America's Galactic Foreign Legion - Book 1: Feeling Lucky
Walter Knight

Heart of Steele
Kessa Stranberg

Lucille Naroian

Crystal Clear: Storm Ryder
Dana Warryck

Lucifer's Last Lover
Dana Warryck

The Protectorate: Patriarch
Dana Warryck

Talk of the Town
Lucille Naroian

Willa Kaye Danes - Mistress Blackheart: Policeman's Prerogative
Dallas White


PENUMBRA PUBLISHING ... out of the shadow and into the light

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