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ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS, a no fee-royalty paying, POD small press, seeks to publish those books that help the author share theirSelf with the world. We all have something to say, and this is a press that wants to hear your voice.  Our interests are on spiritual, self-growth, personal transformation, fiction and non-fiction books with a strong message. We understand that self expression occurs in poetry, collections of short stories, science fiction, thrillers and even novels with a bit of romance.  If it is good, we will take a look.We are not actively seeking children and young adult books but if it WOWs us, we will consider this genre.

We understand that new authors have an increasingly difficult time in wading through the morass of agents, publishers, query letters, and marketing. ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS may well be the place where you get your first book published. We all have to start somewhere.  We are growing, and hope you will consider growing with us.

Your book will be published as a trade paperback, Kindle and Nook Book.  Print books will be available at and the ebooks from Barnes & Nobles Nook Book and the KINDLE EDITION ON AMAZON (AND THEIR MANY AFFILIATES). BOOKS WILL ALSO BE PLACED IN THEBOWKER DATA BASE.Bowker has over 3,000 subscribers worldwide for Books In Print® and Global Books In Print® websites.  In addition to Books In Print products, they sell direct information feeds to many libraries, retailers and school systems. 

Books that show early high sales potential and authors with an aggressive approach to marketing will have their books placed into an expanded distribution network. This distribution network includes wholesalers such asIngram/Lightning Source Incorporated and Baker and Taylor and other major online and offline retailers such as BARNES & NOBLES. Titles will also appear on, and Amazon.France and other worldwide on-line book sellers.  Every new channel  takes another piece of the royalty pie, so most of our marketing efforts will continue to be aimed at sales over the internet via Amazon.



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Current Releases

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Janelle's Time, Book 1 of TIME Series
Dayna Leigh Cheser

The Witch's Hand
Wendy Joseph

Annie's World: Jake's Legacy
Daniel Lance Wright

Beyond The Battlefield:A Message From the Fallen

Tales From the Dew Drop Inne
Kenneth A Weene

Dark is the Sky
Jessica Chambers

Waking God: Book Three: The Second Coming of Humanity
Philip F. Harris

Bled Out
Glenn Oliver Parkhurst

200 Shorts
S.Antonio Buttaci

To Begin Again
Jen L Knox

Waking God: Book Two: The Sacred Rota
Philip F. Harris

Waking God: Book One: The Journey Begins
Philip F. Harris

Voices of Arra
Dave D Hoing

Sandy Cohen

The Healings

The Turn of the Karmic Wheel
Monica M Brinkman

Hammon Falls
Dave D Hoing

Memoirs From the Asylum
Kenneth A Weene

Halibut Rodeo
Mark R Lewandowski

The Greer Agency
Harris Harris Tobias Tobias

Human Trial II: Adam's War
Timothy N Stelly Sr


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