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Melange Books

Melange Books, LLC, is offering books for sale in several genres, including mainstream fiction, historical and contemporary romance, erotica, science fiction-fantasy. In April, 2012, Melange Books also has two imprints: Fire and Ice for Young and new adults, and Satin Romance, highly romantic romances for sale at

Books are available through several online sources, including Amazon Books, Smashwords, LULU in print, and other bookstores.

Melange Books, LLC, is offering authors a competitive contract for publication. Check out the website at, click on submissions.

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Bind Our Loving Souls
Snowflake Girl
Taken in the Night (Promise Me Series Book #3)
The Kennaway Woman
Wisteria and the Pirate Werewolf

Adeline, JT
Akervik, Caroline I.
Allen, Aaron R.
Andrus, Caroline
Bar, Tala
Barcelo, Kira
Bastedo, Victoria J
Benson, Karen Dean
Bradley, Barbara Donlon
Breedlove, Chris J.
Brewer, Bill
Brogan, Mary Kate
Brutt, Rhonda
Campbell, Patty
Carroll, Lois
Carrolli, Christopher
Christian, Paul
Clarizio, Valerie J.
Cohen, Gail Patricia
Cox, Maria
Cricket, James N
Dane, S. C.
Deeringer, Martha
Detwiler, Lindsay
Dimond, Roy
Dragona, Johnny
Forder, Tim
Fowler, Beth
Gardiner, Marilyn A.
Geusz, Phil
Grace, Jane
Groover, Bobbi
Grosshans, Herbert
Hall, Tara Fox
Hamill, Elisabeth
Harris, Pauline C.
Hartley, Emma
Hausker, Dennis K.
Hicks, Kenneth
Hogg, Laura
Howard, N S
Hussey, Megan
Jade, Imari
Jones, T.D.
Jones, Teresa
Kane, Elena
Kassan, Peter
Kennedy, Laura
Kennedy, Shannon
Kirby, Christina
Laird, Chynna
Lemcke, Doris
Lund, Jannie
Lynne, Mariah
March, Melissa
Marcom, April
Margret, Ellen
Massa, J.J.
Michaels, Rayme
Michelle, Isabella
Miles, Tamela
Olivier, Daphne F
Parker, Mysti
Patino, Irene
Pauls, Charmaine
Pennick, Nancy
Perry, Natasha
Pickens, Shelley R
Pirri, Nancy
Purcell, Evan
R, Jay
Rawson, Joanne
Redmann, Louise
Ridgewood, Tori L.
Roberts, Ellyse
Rose, Rie Sheridan
Seate, J. Troy
Simms, David
Sinclair, Jaden
Soule, Leslie D
Starr, Melissa
Steiner, John T.
Stephens, Katie
Stevenson, Chris Harold
Stone, Alex
Summers, Ryan J
Swykert, DJ
Tolly, Tara
Trizna, Walt
Twist, Jenny M
Vitek, Jody
Wear, J H
Weston, Nora
Wolfe, J.B.

Submission Guidelines

Current Releases

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Dawn of the Assassin
Bill Brewer

A Penny For Your Thoughts
Roy Dimond

Screamcatcher: Web World
Chris J. Breedlove

Year of the Demon
Tara Fox Hall

I'm Your Man
Joanne Rawson

Make Me Behave 2
Tara Fox Hall

Blackmailed Bride
Chris J. Breedlove

Blackmailed Bride
Chris Harold Stevenson

Tamela Miles

Immortal Reckoning
Tara Fox Hall

The Rubicon Effect
Roy Dimond

The Duchess' Necklace
Mariah Lynne

The Nature of Entangled Hearts
Emma Hartley

Elephant Dreams
Martha Deeringer

Leslie D Soule

Tangled Web of Love
Joanne Rawson

A Good Year, Unhallowed Love Series #1
Tara Fox Hall

Freedom, Elle's Story: Promise Me Series #17
Tara Fox Hall

Taming the Texas Beauty
Jody Vitek

Forever, Promise Me Series #16
Tara Fox Hall

Web of Memory, Promise Me Series #15
Tara Fox Hall


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