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Omnific Publishing, founded in 2009, is an independent publisher of romantic fiction that breaks the mold of traditional romance with stories that excite, inspire, amuse, and amaze.  Embracing the idea that not every title has to be modeled after the romance novels your mother hid under the bed, we publish fresh, contemporary voices that speak to the modern sensibilities of today's readers.  We don't guarantee a fairytale ending, but we do guarantee smart romance for smart women.  Imagine a world of romance...


...without formulas

...without guilt

...without cliche


Omnific is romance...without rules.

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Current Releases

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Jennifer Locklear

Fix You
Beck Anderson

Fighting Fate
Linda Kage

16 Marsden Place
Rachel Brimble

Between the Lies
Alison Oburia

Gabriel's Rapture
Sylvain Reynard

Cherie Colyer

Debra Anastasia

Crushed Seraphim
Debra Anastasia

Gabriel's Inferno
Sylvain Reynard

Becoming sage
Kasi Alexander

Pleasures Untold (The Hanaford Park Series, Book 2)
Lisa Sanchez

Whisper of Light (The Light Series, Book 2)
Jennifer DeLucy

The Redhead Revealed (The Redhead Series, Book 2)
Alice Clayton

Trust in Advertising
Victoria Michaels

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit
Susan Kaye Quinn

Eve of Samhain (The Hanaford Park Series, Book 1)
Lisa Sanchez

Stitches and Scars
Elizabeth A. Vincent

Three Daves
Nicki Elson

Seers of Light (The Light Series, Book 1)
Jennifer DeLucy

Boycotts & Barflies
Victoria Michaels


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