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Oak Tree Press has has been in business since 1998. We have more than 250 titles in print under our Dark Oak Mystery ( Mysteries ), Timeless Love ( Romance) , Wild Oaks (Westerns) and CopTales imprints. We recently added Acorn for our children's books.  In addition, we have 200 ebook titles available on Kindle . We release new books every month. All our texts are professionally prepared, and our covers feature professionally designed covers, many using original art.. Our books are finished in mass market , trade paperback and hardback formats.

We're an indie book publisher...mysteries, romance, westerns, children's and a little paranormal. We have published several popular series including The Rocky Bluff Police Department Mystery Series, and our Timeless Love imprint's Passenger to Paradise series where suspenseful stories are set in exotic destinations.

Oak Tree Press is not a vanity or subsidy publisher, and we never ask authors to pay for any other production costs of their books.  Our guidelines and Publisher's Q & A are availabble on our company website at   

Visit our company blog at to get to know our authors.

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A New Leaf
A Case of Accidental Intersection
A Case of Hometown Blues
A Case of Infatuation
A Case of Volatile Deeds
A Convenient Death at San Diego
A Crushing Death
A Duty to Betray
A Fair To Die For
A Frenzied Bid For Murder
A Full Bubble Off Plumb
A Lesson In Murder
A Midsummer Nights Gunfight
A Perception of Murder
A Portrait to Die For
A Rainbow for Christmas
Abner's Story
Always A Kicker
American Caliphate
An Axe To Grind
An Ocean in the Desert
An Uncertain Grave
Angel Killer
Angel Lost
Ants on a Log
At the Crossroad (Black Horse Campground Mysteries) (Volume 4)
Auto Repair: The Consumer's Crash Course
Bad Tidings
Behind the Redwood Door
Beyond Recognition
Beyond the Flames: A Family Touched by Fire
Black Ice
Black Indian, Red Heart...(White Justice)
Blessings Bullets And Bad Bad Men
Blue Ice
Bottom of the Ninth
Bright Morning Star
Burning Questions
Butterfly Girls
By Force or Fear (A Nick & Meredith Mystery) (Volume 1)
Carry Me Home
Chanukah Guilt
Choloma Moon
Clowning Around
Code of the Texas Ranger
Code Two 'n a Half
Cold Water
Confessions of a Do-Gooder Gone Bad
Daddy's Christmas Angel
Damsels of Diversion
Danger by Design
Dangerous Impulses (Rocky Bluff P.D.) (Volume 9)
Days On The Beach
Deadly Roles
Death of a Flapper
Dig the Grave First
Dizzy in Durango (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 3)
Dog Island
Dragon Sutra
Eagle Rising
Easy Money
End of The Road
Eva Pennington
Eva Pennington Trouble In Georgia
Evening of the Dragonfly
Fairy Tales are Fragile
Fall In Love With an Orange Tree or a Book
Fallen From Grace
Family is Forever
Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides: Stories By and About America's Public Safety Heroes
Final Respects
Footprints in the Frost
Fringe Benefits
Ghost Music: A Marcus Brace Mystery
Ghost Writer
Green Ice
Gumbo Justice
Guns of the Texas Ranger (The Border Trilogy) (Volume 3)
Healer:A Novel
Hearts Across Forever
Hilltop House: A Snapshot in Time
Hooperman: a bookstore mystery
House of Homicide
I Saw You in Beirut
Ichabod Wolfe
Ignore the Pain
In Franklin's House
Intent to Defraud
Intent to Hold (A Nick & Meredith Mystery) (Volume 2)
Is Everybody Happy Now?
Island Casualty (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 2)
Jack of Harts
Jambalaya Justice
Jetta's Journey
Jingo Street
Jungle Jeopardy
Karl and the Kooltones
LaCour's Destiny
Land Of A Thousand Dances
Lincoln 9
Lingering Spirit
Mariachi Murder (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 1)
Media Blitz
Miami Exit
Mission Impastable
Mother Rabbit
Murder in the Worst Degree
Murder's Last Resort (A Maya French Mystery)
Murder: A Way to Lose Weight
My Dad's the Wrestling Coach
My Name is Huber
New York Scramble
Nice Work
Night Watch
No Evidence Of A Crime
No Lifeguard on Duty (A Black Horse Campground Mystery) (Volume 2)
No Vacancy
O.I.S. Officer Involved Shooting
Of Weeds and Views
On the Rocks
Only You . . .
Pope's Last Case and Other Stories
Reluctant Assassin
Revenge of the Texas Ranger
Rogue Wave
Saints & Sinners
Sarah Darlin'
Sea-Duction (A Jake Mortensen Mystery) (Volume 2)
Secrets By The Sea
Sex and Death, I Suppose
Shore Loser
Smell Of Death
So You've Written a Book, Now What?
Something for Nothing
Something Like a Dream
Something to Die for (the Cotton Waters stories) (Volume 4)
Sooner Than Gold
Spooky Tells
Sports Therapy for the Mediocre
Storm Crashers
Summer in Italy
Sweet Dreams: 50 Bedtime Stories for Big Girls
Teed Off!
The Baleful Owl
The Big Squeal
The Black Band
The Crossing
The Dancing Boy
The Dead Don't Forget
The Edge of Whiteness
The Evidence is Clear
The Fourth Rule
The Glass Rose
The Homestead: A Snapshot in Time
The Hunt
The Incredible Adventures of Doc Atlas
The Jaguar Tree
The Jefferson Hotel: A Snapshot in Time
The Last Of The Railroad Police
The Magicians: A Margot & Max Mystery
The Mysterious Case of the Missing Birthday Cake
The New Romantics
The Piano Player
The Purloined Skull
The River Hideaway
The Sacrifice
The Sawtooth Complex
The Silent Journey
The V V Agency
The Wicked and the Dead
The Wooded Path
The Year Without Christmas
The Zyratron Affair
Tink's Tank
Track Three
Unleavened Dead
Unsuitable Treasure
Until the Sun Rises
Valley Heat
Vermont Bound
Violent Departures
Waifs of the Wasteland
We Are Different Now
When Caterpillars Dream
When Matilda Made Time Stand Still

Addiego, John
Alexander, Carol
Alexander, Virgil
Beasley, Billy
Beauvais, Wayne
Befeler, Mike
Bellito, Michael J.
Bennett, Amy M.
Best, Gary
Black, Michael A
Bouton, Mark
Brayton, Stephen Lawrence
Brotherton, Velda
Busby, Elaine
Cantrell, Elaine
Caplin, Donald
Castillo, Holli
Chausee, Marta
Checker, Nicholas
Chiba, Joe
Cileone, Augustus M.
Coffey, Tom
Collins, Lorna
Colonense, Michael
Corbin, Ronald D.
Crain, Frances Utterback
Cropp, David
Crossley, Dac
Dale, Marva
Daniel, John M
Danielson, Douglas
Doonan, William
Downs, Robert
Draugelis, Ed
Eldridge, Michael
Enger, I.C.
Ervin, Sharon
Fiordalisi, Frank
Freedland, Dave
Furlong, Nicola
Gager, W.S.
Gibson, John H
Gill, G.Thomas
Greger, J. L.
Haggerty , Joseph B
Hevron, Thonie
Hickman, Shirley Skufca
Howley, Ann K.
Hunt, Jason
Kelly, Bonnie A.
Knight, April
Kullstroem, Chris
Ladage, Cindy
Lang, Susan
Lauderdale , Beverly
Linder, Patrick
Lindermuth, John R
LiPetri, Nancy
Lopresti, Robert
Luce, Walter
Magill, Eileen
Maher, Norm
Marranca, Richard
Matson, Michael P
Meredith, Marilyn
Meredith, F. M
Miller, Tekla Dennison
Moen, Carl
Montaperto, Joe
Moore, Sharon Arthur
Moreno, Kelly
Mundy, Richard K
Nehring, Radine Trees
Niethammer, Carolyn
Nowlan, Joe
Nunn, PJ
O'Hagan, John J.
Oberth, Ellie
Obser, Eileen
Olsen, Marilyn
Osterman, Helen Macie
Oxman, Ken
Quarters, W.V.
Quelch, JS
Ransdell, D.R.
Reichenberg, Beryl
Richter, Robert
Rose, Christie
Rush, Tanis L
Savage, Frederick H
Scarborough, Steve
Schneider, Ilene S.
Schroeder, Anne
Seaver, Douglass
Sikes, Mary Montigue
Silva, Bert
Sloane, Kit
Solters, Denise
Spring, Peter
Steeg, Albert vande
Strasser, Cathy
Taylor, John
Thomas, Heather Smith
Tiktin, Carl
Travis, Mark
Traylor, C. Ed
Vondrak, Susan Connell
Waller, Pamela
Weeks, Denise G
Weibezahl, Robert
Wendling, Ronald C
Whitaker, Channing
Wickliffe, Richard
Wilhelm, William
Willis, Tara L.
Wills, John M.
Zortman, Jackie Taylor
Zwagerman, Jeff W

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Current Releases

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Valley Heat
David Cropp

Family is Forever
Shirley Skufca Hickman

A Frenzied Bid For Murder
Ellie Oberth

Storm Crashers
Richard Wickliffe

The Silent Journey
Michael J. Bellito

A Portrait to Die For
Radine Trees Nehring

Murder: A Way to Lose Weight
J. L. Greger

O.I.S. Officer Involved Shooting
John Taylor

A Crushing Death
F. M Meredith

The Wicked and the Dead
Robert Weibezahl

Ichabod Wolfe
Frank Fiordalisi

The New Romantics
Richard Marranca

At the Crossroad (Black Horse Campground Mysteries) (Volume 4)
Amy M. Bennett

Something to Die for (the Cotton Waters stories) (Volume 4)
Robert Richter

A Perception of Murder
Carl Tiktin

Dizzy in Durango (An Andy Veracruz Mystery) (Volume 3)
D.R. Ransdell

Track Three
John H Gibson

A Full Bubble Off Plumb
Jeff W Zwagerman

I Saw You in Beirut
J. L. Greger

Black Indian, Red Heart...(White Justice)
Frederick H Savage

Black Ice
I.C. Enger


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