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Erotica has changed its beat. It's now blazing hot, more stimulating and a whole lot more provocative then ever before!  

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) is the “Next Generation” Of Erotic, Paranormal and Contemporary Romance Epublishing, specializing in bringing our readers the intoxicating world of steamy erotica and the pleasures of the paranormal.   

We publish scandalously daring, virtually dangerous erotic ebooks and short story anthologies of the next generation of authors.  

Naughty Nights Press is where readers will find the scorching adventures they are looking for, written by authors who are not afraid to push the limits of erotica.  Our writers create ebooks that will take readers to that edge of intensity they crave, without crossing the line.  

If you write hot & steamy erotic, paranormal or contemporary romance and you are interested in having us take a look at your work, please feel free to browse our submissions calls

Who we are and what we do for you, the Author;

Naughty Nights Press (NNP) specializes in the creation of erotic and erotic paranormal romance digital books by the next "HOT" generation of authors; producing, scandalously daring, virtually dangerous short stories and e-books of the next generation. 

 Naughty Nights Press’ team members, all authors themselves, bring you this unstoppable, spicy opportunity in the form of a new digital publisher; operating from the other side of the coin.  We will bring to our authors the understanding of what it means to have a publisher who "gets it" from the author's point of view.

NNP publishes only quality ebooks; of multiple erotic sub-genres and other exceptional quality work in different genres, where we have spent the time assisting the author in cultivating their work to it's very best possible.  

We ensure that an author's work is edited and formatted with the utmost efficiency, making sure it is error free and ready for multiple format digital publishing.

We assist our authors in promoting and marketing their finished work rather then having expectations of authors doing it all themselves as most publishers do. 

We seek out, encourage and bring forth, new aspiring authors from the many Internet sites we visit in our search for that "yet unfound" next incredible author. 

Most importantly, we listen to our authors, take their suggestions and requests into consideration and implement as many possible options for them as we possibly can to meet their needs in today's digital market.


The NNP team will gently guide the "new generation of authors" into the yet untapped portion of the erotic ebook market at a new level of scorching hot reading for the future!  We are raising the bar on acceptability in the erotic market and focusing on what matters most, our readers and what they ask for!

We want the goal of our authors to be to take our readers to the ultimate edge, of hot, provocative, steamy reading pleasure, without plummeting into the depths of depravity.


NNP is a royalty paying, small publisher, who offers big things to both authors and readers.

The very best photographers and artists have been found to assist in the personalized cover art of each book; creating the most incredible covers that almost tell the naughty tale of the writing within.

We already have a multitude of previously published and aspiring authors who will be part of the NNP family and sharing their wickedly exotic paranormal and sinfully naughty night time adult e-books and e-stories, but we are always seeking more who we can help to achieve the ultimate dream. 

We welcome you to join our great team at Naughty Nights Press (NNP)!

If you’d like to join us, as we begin the journey into the new era of erotica, please visit our website at

There we think you will find all you need to know to get you started with us very soon!

And don’t forget to click on our "What's New At NNP" and visit our blog page at page to keep up to date on just what it is we are doing behind the scenes and our current submissions calls!  

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