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Strict Publishing International are publishers of fiction for children and adults.  We publish mainly as ebooks and make NO charges to the author for doing this.  We have the facility to publish paperbacks and hardbacks, but realistically very, very few printed books will sell enough to justify the time, effort and direct costs of producing the printed versions.  From time to time, usually after a large number of sales as an ebook, we will produce a printed version.

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Current Releases

Demons 2
Alex Binney

The Maelstrom Mystery
Alex Binney

Alex Binney

Alex Binney

Murder by Logic
Alex Binney

Gray Tide in The East
Andrew J, Heller

Tainted Souls
Allan T. Price

Kate and Julia: Slave Girls of The Raj
Lindsey Brooks

Kate and Julia: Abducted in India
Lindsey Brooks

Candace Smith

Harvesting Rue
Candace Smith

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Spanking Dervish
Grendel Butler

Miranda's Destiny
Candace Smith

The Phantom Wolf
Shiloh Garnett

Planet Killers
Sean Brandywine

Mother's Love
Eddie Heaton

The Knights of Eruin
Miles Goodenuff



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