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Writers Amuse Me is a literary publishing house started by the creators of The Writers Block at Forumotion, an online writing forum. The mantra of The Writers Block is that writers need to learn to listen to that little voice inside them, the creative muse clamouring to express itself, regardless of industry demands to create only 'marketable' works that fit nicely into the 'genre of the day' menu currently offered. We believe the joy has to be in the writing; writing that must comply with current social fads and whims is not fun to write and reads as work that was stressed by the need to comply at the expense of the voice.

We are an eclectic, international bunch with a wide variety of tastes and experiences. wanting to provide an outlet for those incredibly talented authors whose work does not fit in the limited parameters we see today. We are writers who love to write, and we are readers who love to read. We are proud of the writers with whom we associate and want to share their word tapestry with the world. 

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Current Releases

Center Point
R. M. Clark

Puppet Shows
Michael L Frissore

The View From a Rusty Train Car
DeeJay Arens

Into the Forest and Down the Tower
Ann T. Bugg

Through the Mirror and Into Snow
Ann T. Bugg

Taking Lessons From Ernest
Trish Stewart

Show Me The Way
Shakey Smith

Victoria Seacress... a mystery
Tom Bryde

Torture in the Garden of Eden
David Smith

Never Again, Forever
Mary Cote

David Smith

Mary Walkden

They Ate Peaches
David Smith

Never Again, Forever
Mary Walkden

Dashiel Waitflaker: Deer Hunter
AmandaLyn Donogal

Dashiel Waitflaker: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Opera
AmandaLyn Donogal

Cocktails With Burty: A Prose-Etry Anthology
Bertrand Bone-Eye-Fours

Brothers Of Tierra Buena
Al Carty

Mary Cote



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