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We publish books, both fiction and nonfiction, that people want to read, books that beckon you to take them from the shelf and start reading. We are a small independent publisher based in the Appalachian foothills region of South Carolina. We are not a vanity press, subsidy publisher or so-called self-publisher meaning our authors do not pay us anything at all to have their books published. Instead we bear all costs of publishing and distribution and pay our authors royalties based on sales of their books. Moonshine Cove Publishing's only form of income is book sales to the public, not to our authors.


Our books, both print books and ebooks, are distributed nationally through Ingram, Baker and Taylor and many regional wholesalers. They may be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel as well as most bookstores. If you don’t see the particular title you’re hunting, ask for it by name.


Our Authors


G DEDRICK ROBINSON - author of six novels including The Seventh Deception, a novel about the Nazi atomic bomb project, and Last Lion of Sparta, the story of Sparta's last king and his fight to restore the honor of a once respected nation. Moonshine Cove is proud to have published his new novel, Blood Scourge, the story of a devastating bioweapon unintentionally released through a series of blunders and unforeseen consequences. For more, see:



ROSE CAMPION - Rose Campion is the pen name of a journalist and writer who was lived from 1898 to 1974. Author of several novel-length manuscripts, all were typed by hand on an old Underwood manual typewriter using the hunt and pick method. Mostly in the romantic suspense or detective genres, none were ever published and were thought to be lost until a son found a few in an old trunk. Written in the 1950s and 1960s, they represent a unique and authentic look at life in small southern towns during the era of tail fins and rock & roll. They make for fascinating reading from that standpoint, and even more important for modern readers, each of them tells an exciting and attention-grabbing story with intricate plots and superb character development. Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC plans to release several of them over the next few years. For more, see:

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Current Releases

Love Is the Punch Line
Kathleen Jones

The Kurdish Connection
Randall Krzak

Michael J FitzGerald

Vicki Salloum

Revenants, The Odyssey Home
Scott B Kauffman

No Anchor
Bob Zeanah

Work to Do
Bob Zeanah

Chattahoochee Dead
Melody Scott

Indistinguishable From God
G Dedrick Robinson

Global Warming-Alarmists, Skeptics & Deniers
G Dedrick Robinson



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