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Edward Allen Publishing

Edward Allen Publishing

At Edward Allen Publishing, we don’t believe in genre rules.

We believe in good writing,compelling stories and engaging characters.

We believe authors are tired of being stifled and readers are tired of publishers telling them what they should and should not be reading.

At Edward Allen, we believe there’s an eager reader for every story waiting to be told, and it is our goal, our passion, to bring the two together.


Edward Allen Publishing, LLC, was formed in 2012 by a husband and wife writing team in response to years of fighting the politically correct tunnel vision and tightly controlled rules of the traditional publishing industry. They dreamed of a publisher that threw away the rules, that focused on good stories and real characters, and that understood that readers are smart, curious people who aren’t afraid to experience all the worlds writers can create.

Deciding to turn those dreams to reality, they put their 20 years of storytelling experience, as well as their skills in the business world, to use. With their son, also an avid reader and business professional, they formed a small company to publish selected works of commercial fiction and non-fiction, where fresh ideas and true-to-life characters ruled.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Edward Allen Publishing is to bring to life quality writings in multiple genres of commercial fiction and selected categories of non-fiction. We purposely seek out talented authors who produce compelling, thought-provoking stories and other works, keeping in mind that our readers’ enjoyment is our ultimate goal.

Just as important is our vow to act with integrity and honesty in our business dealings with customers and publishing partners.

If you have a great story to tell, we want to hear from you. Please check our submission guidelines, and contact us at with any questions.

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