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New Concepts Publishing, the first totally electronic romance publishing house, was established in the spring of 1996. Its founder, Madris DePasture, had been a member of Romance Writers of America since the early 90s and was a published author. In her ‘other’ life, she was owner of a successful construction company, which she started in the early 80s. Her first career, however, was in computer science. She had been working with computers for more than 20 years when she first conceived the idea of an electronic publishing company, an idea spawned by the trend she saw towards development of alternate materials to replace the growing inability of the tree industry to keep up with demand.

New Concepts Publishing went on-line with their first four novels, Amber Moment, Lord of Chaos, Liar’s Poker, and Shattered Dreams, in October of 1996. At first publishing only 2 to 4 novels a month, they are now publishing 8 to 16 novels and short stories a month.

NCP began by focusing on the romance genre before widening the variety of genre fiction they accepted, including erotica, erotic romance, short contemporary duets, science fiction/fantasy, historical romance, westerns, horror, anthologies, paranormal romance, and more. As time went on, they found their way back to their roots and now publish a wide array of erotic fiction and romance.

The primary goal of New Concepts Publishing, from its inception, was to bring high quality fiction to book lovers. By offering our authors generous royalty percentages and creative freedom, we’ve not only attracted many fine authors, but can offer work ‘written from the heart’, fresh, excitingly different stories that stringent guidelines would never have allowed.

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Abaddon Rising
P. L. Parker

Breeder Slave
P. L. Parker

A Spicy Seduction
Janet Lane Walters

Betrayed By His Past
Charlotte Boyett-Compo

The Flaming Tiger
Edita A Petrick

Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Sarah J. Pepper

Forbidden Beloved
Sarah J. Pepper

The Witch Blade
Linda Mills

Joan Early

The Hunted
Amy Janette Hobby

A Surprising Seduction
Janet Lane Walters

Mauk's Flight
Jacki Bentley

Hunting the She Cat
Jacki Bentley

Sanctuary: Coming Home
Carol Shaughnessy

J.J. Massa

The Douglas Trilogy I: The Sweetest Song
Linda Parsons-Mills

Sanctuary: The Finding
Carol Shaughnessy

Demons and Dragons Book I and II
Evanne Lorraine

Dangerous Rescue
Evanne Lorraine

The Secrets of Camelot
Saydee Bennett


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