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The Raven was founded in 2004 by authors Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow. Named after the club in Mandy’s famous Daughter of Darkness series, The Raven began as a place for readers to hang out and follow the free story by Michelle and Mandy, Raven Happy Hour ( It quickly evolved into a yahoo group, radio show, fan site, paranormal blog and so much more. Each October, the site hosts a massive Online Scavenger Hunt, giving away hundreds of prizes by just as many authors.

 In Sept 2008, The Raven Books ( was founded as a place to provide a temporary outlet for readers to find favorite, hard-to-get Michelle & Mandy backlist titles. However, due to demand it has evolved into a  fully functioning independent small press, e-first publisher (and yes, we do offer print books as well...and yes the rumors are true Michelle and Mandy have instituted pretty princess dress Tuesdays at the Raven Publishing House). Not only does Raven showcase Michelle and Mandy it has expanded to include other titles/authors as well. We offer titles from all genres in romance and hope to expand to offer even more areas soon.

Join us and Rediscover the Magic of reading!

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Current Releases

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The Reluctant Lord (Dragon Lords)
Michelle M. Pillow

The Lover (Blazing Hearts)
Kennedy Kovit

Seducing Cecilia (Divinity Healers)
Michelle M. Pillow

Stolen Hours
Michelle M. Pillow

Programmed for Pleasure (Cyber Sex)
Reagan Hawk

King of the Unblessed (Realm Immortal Series)
Michelle M. Pillow

Loup Garou (Tempting Fate Series)
Mandy M Roth

Their Virgin Slayer (Devils Among Us)
Darby London

Theirs to Hold (Hazard County Threesomes)
Rory Michaels

Ariella’s Keeper (Divinity Healers)
Michelle M. Pillow

A King’s Ransom (Masters of Pleasure)
Reagan Hawk

Whisper (Feral Riders)
LA Brookes

Faire Justice
Michelle M. Pillow

Space Pirates’ Bounty
Reagan Hawk

Wild (Feral Riders)
LA Brookes

Bound by Him
Elle Spencer

Rescuing Reya (The Beast Masters Series)
Reagan Hawk

Submit (Feral Riders)
LA Brookes

The Stubborn Lord (Dragon Lords 6)
Michelle M. Pillow

Prepared to Please (Cyber Sex)
Reagan Hawk

Denial of Service
Reagan Hawk


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