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Eggplant Literary Productions

Eggplant Literary Productions is a small electronic press, specializing in speculative fiction.  We love fantasy, science fiction and horror in all it’s myriad flavors.

Our first and foremost goal is to publish entertaining and thought provoking stories in electronic format.  It has always been our belief that e-zines and e-books are the perfect vehicles to publish uniquely formatted stories that aren’t possible in print.  Meta-fiction that may or may not rely on hyperlinks, novellas which are too long for magazine publication but too short to be printed as standalone novels, interstitial fiction that has a limited audience that precludes wide-spread distribution in physical stores: these are the stories we want to find and share with readers.
Eggplant is dedicated to publishing attractive and affordable e-books.  We put an emphasis on readability and accessibility, accomplished by creating standout covers, clean text and eschewing DRM.  We respect our readers and trust that they have a vested interest in our success.  Our commitment to our readers extends to our pricing structure.  Eggplant e-books will always be priced less than the cost of a mass market paperback.
We are staunch supporters of the arts and those that create them. The most prominent way we show this support is through the partnership we’ve forged with authors and artists, offering fair terms within our contracts.
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Current Releases

The Trickster Edda
Crystal Lynn Hilbert

The Kaiserine's Vampyre
Derek Paterson

My Gun Sleeps Alone
Martin Clark

Brass Stars
A.G. Carpenter

The Hag of the Wind
Laura J. Underwood

Night Never Ends
Martin Clark

The Big Dash
Robert Hanley

The Fine Art of Boxing
Phil Voyd

Spiritual Growths
Lori Ann White

Dead on Arrival
Crystal Lynn Hilbert

Hearts Starve
Patricia Russo

The Illusion of Steel
Lenora Rose

Vessel of Heaven
Jamie Rosen

Etta Mae's Little Theory
Lori Ann White



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