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LSF Publications was set up in December 2012. We have a rapidly growing number of professionally produced spanking-related ebooks available for purchase. All our books are professionally edited and designed.

We feature adult spanking stories only, and have recently  launched imprints for Spanking Romance, and Strictly Femdom.

You can buy directly from us in a secure transaction, or if you prefer you can follow the links provided to Amazon and place your order with them. If you buy direct from LSF Publications, we offer the facility to buy in US dollars and pounds sterling, and all our ebooks are available in multiple formats including epub, mobi and pdf.

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Current Releases

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To Love a Dutchess
Rosanna Young

Spanking Heroines through the Ages
DJ Black

Two Couples
Shaun Kelly

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 5
Frank Limadere

The Parlor
Rosanna Young

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 4
Frank Limadere

No Nonsense Mother-in-Law
PJ Manners

Black Widow
Janine Burrell

Three Over the Knee
John Chard

The Talk
John Chard

The Cattler Rustler's
Cara Lynn

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 1
Frank Limadere

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 2
Frank Limadere

The Spanking Sorority - Vol. 3
Frank Limadere

The Castle: a time travel romance
Abigail Armani

DJ Black

Frank Martinet

F/M Spanking Games
Carlton Kristain

Slave Training
Rue Chapman

English Discipline
Steve Rayer

Delicate Negotiations
Rue Chapman


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