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, Colin
, Multi-Authors
Abalard, Barrie
Adams, Brooke
Anthony, Piers
Applebee, Jacqueline
Atlas, Gavin
Austin, Amber
Baker, Jim
Baudin, Edythe
Bell, Emelia
Black, Eric
Black, Jasmine
Black, Mercedes
Blevins, Candace
Bondage, Commander James
Bradley, Lisa
Brandt, Kay
Bringas, Jocelyn
Buxton, Tessa
Campbell, Jennifer
Carter, Xavier
Cassidy, Eve
Chas, Ira
Cole, Tristan
Como, Gabriella
Daemon, Gabriel
Dahll, Kenn
Danielson, Elle
DeSanto, Tracey
Dixon, Amber
Drake, Madeleine
Drake, Vickie
Dun, Mackey
Ellwood, Leigh
Fisher, Eliza
Ford, Parker
Fowke, Sandra
Fox, Annie
Fox, Chelsea
Franklin, B.J.
Franks, Stone
Fraser, Vivian
Friday, Penelope
Grant, Storm
Grey, Ursula
Hallligan, Penn
Halstead, Jason
Haven, P.S.
Hayse, Breanna L
Henley, Kev
Hepner, Elise
Hillman, Emma
Hillman, Emma D
Howell, Kiki
Hudson, Neil James
Hydra, M. E.
Jewel, Harper
Jones, Amarinda
Jones, Samantha
Jordaine, Alex
Jordan, Sable
karrington, Kate
Katt, Roxy
Kelly, Kathryn
Kitt, Selena
Klein, Kris
Knight, Adele
Krylov, Varian
Lacasse, Pebbles
LaCreme, C.T.
Lee, Cherry
lesley, allyn
Lowrie, Simon
Mabeuse, Dr. Elliot
Madison, Carol
Malden, Jake
Mansfield, Wayne
Marsden, Sommer
Michelle, Heidi
Miles, M.T.
Miles, M T
Miller, AP
Miller, Sadie
Miller, SJ
Mistory, A
Monroe, Jordan
Naso, Emy
Natasha, Mia
O'Reilly, Terry
O'Riordan, Erin
Osprey, Jack
Panzer, Lance
Path, Mallory
Paul, Avery
Phoenix, Leighann
Phoenix, R.
Radcliffe, Jules
Reardon, Savannah
Reed, Rick R.
Renarde, Giselle
Rhoads, Roxanne
Richards, G.R.
Rose, Isabelle
Rose, Karina
Ross, Jaida
Saddler, Shiloh
Salt, Emme
Sarai, Lisabet
Schade, Jennie Lee
Schade, Jennie Lee
Segreti, Ginger
Shore, Steve
Sierra, Morgan
Silence, Mr.
Snyder, JM
Starling, Serena
Stelle, Sabrina
Story, D. B.
Street, Penelope
Swallows, Delores
Sweeny, Phillip
Sweet, Darcy
Thomas, Kiera
Thorne, Sam
Tibbitts, C.A.
Trace, Dakota
Trace, Dakota
Varva, Debra F
Vincent, Vivian
Voinov , Aleksandr
Voss, Charlotte
Vrialdi, Vanessa
Wens, Molly
Wiley, G S
Wood, Lexi
Wylde, Beth
Zen, Vida

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Backwoods Bride: Escape from the Mountain Men
Serena Starling

Narcissist Seeks Narcissist: A Lesbian Romance
Giselle Renarde

Mercy: Sex with an Ex for Money
Giselle Renarde

Gabriel's Send-Off
Elle Danielson

Deep Woods
Elle Danielson

Stepbrother Heaven
Giselle Renarde

Under the Big Top: Clowning Around
Tracey DeSanto

Mandi and Winnie's Sex Club
Elle Danielson

Dorm Dudes
Kenn Dahll

Mistress Tarah
Pebbles Lacasse

The Watermans Get Freaky
Elle Danielson

Serving My Viking Masters: the Complete Series
Serena Starling

Tessa's Secret Admirer
Elle Danielson

Alexa & Blaire
Pebbles Lacasse

Sharing Elena
Elle Danielson

Getting to First Base
Kenn Dahll

Virgin Forest
Elle Danielson

Tease Me: Book One
Adele Knight

Ambrogio's Secret
Kenn Dahll

Touch Me
Adele Knight

An Education
Charlotte Voss


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