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Lyrical Press, Inc. is owned by the husband and wife team of Frank and Renee Rocco. Their goal is to provide authors with a friendly and safe home for their books and offer readers an eclectic mix of quality titles to choose from.

LPI offers books in both electronic format and Print On Demand on all titles over 70,000 words.

A full service publishing house, Lyrical Press, Inc. is actively seeking all genres. From tender romances to gothic paranormal horrors, we welcome all submissions except for young adult and poetry.
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, Dalton
, Anna Grace
, Barbara Kellyn
, Jessica Zellman
Abshire, Mary
Aires, Melisse
Angst, Cheryl
Ashe, Eden
Banks, Daisy
Beck, Stephanie
Bellamy, Susanne
Below, L.K.
Bennett, Sondrae
Benson, Manda
Benson, Terri
Beymer, Jason
Bishop, Esmerelda
Branch, Kaitlin R.
Breedlove, Chris J.
Brennan, CD
Brett, Reece
Bright, Crystal B
Brimble, Rachel
Bristol, Sidney
Brocato, Gemma
Browning, Laura
Brun, Marianne
Burgess, Amy Lee
Butler, Marguerite
Bynum, Karen Y
Cahoon, Lynn
Carver, Rhonda Lee
Catlett, Jennifer
Chase, Savannah
Christman, Ashley M.
Clair, Mae
Clark, Sonya
Clark, Constance Ruth
Clevenger, Carrie
Cole, Jennifer
Cooper, Tea
Cox, Grace
Cox, Ophidia
Crawford, Lori
Crespo, Nina
Crowne, Mackenzie
Damask, J.
Darvill, Elizabeth
Denna, Piper D
Dennis, Debora
Dennis, Nicole
Dionne, Aubrie
Dorman, Nerine
Drake, Ella
Ellwood, Sara Walter
Ely, Wendy
Escalera, Diane
Farrell, Jacqueline
Flye, Michelle Garren
Flynn, Avery
Forrest, Emly
Fredrick, MJ
Fresina, Jayne
Gage, Jessi
Gilmer, Candice
Gold, Candace
Gordon, Gina
Grant, Cat
Grant, KT
Green, Lori
Green, Rachel
Haefner, Stephanie
Hay, JC
Jacobs, Kyra
Jaxon, Jenna
Juppenlatz, Silke
Kauffman, Crystal
Kelly, Toni
Knight, Cassiel
Leah, Rhonda
Leatherwood, Aubrey
Leger, Judith
Libby, Michelle
Liu, Isobael
Loesch, Mary Ann
Loesch, Mary Ann
Lowery, Jennifer
Luedecke, Dawn
MacLeod, Shannon
Madigan, Margaret
Maltezos, Anastasia
Mason, a.c.
Massey, Heather
Masters, Cate
mather, Lee
Maurice, Christa
Maurice, Christa B
McCullough, C.L.
McKitrick, Stacy
Medwell, Susie
Merritt, Allison
Moonwater, Ellie
Morgan, Megan
Morgan, Lucy V.
Nicholas, Annie
Nutt, Laura Lee
O'Reilly, Morgan Q
Parker, Elle
Pembroke, Sophie
Petterson, D.C.
Piper, Autumn
Pizzitola, Renita
Reyes-Cole, Greyson
Rhose, Calisa
Riley, Regina
Russell, Jacky
Ryan, Sylvia
Ryder, Cristal
Scott, Ericka
Sebastian, Gwenna
Silverwood, Cari
Simko, Ann
Slade, Adam
Steele, Alisha
Stephans, Delilah K
Stone, Naomi
Stoneley, Zara
Strange, Liz
Taylor, Avery
Tiranth, Antonia
Trent, Holley
Turner, Pamela
Vetere, Rita
von Willegen, Therese
Wadsworth, Joanne
Walsh, Bernadette
Warren, Rie
West, Yeva
Williams, Elysabeth
Williams, Jinx
Winters, Kara
Wolfe, Kylie
Woods, Serenity
Yip, Clarissa
Zakari, Lux
Zanetti, Rebecca
Zuma, Toni

Current Releases

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Dawn Luedecke

To Win Her Smile
Mackenzie Crowne

To Win Her Back (Players #4)
Mackenzie Crowne

Dalir's Salvation, Book 3
Nina Crespo

The Burning City
Megan Morgan

Not Second Best
Christa Maurice

Not Second Best
Christa B Maurice

To Win Her Heart
Mackenzie Crowne

Her One True Love
Rachel Brimble

Reid's Deliverance, Book 2
Nina Crespo

Let Me Be the One
Christa Maurice

The Bloody City
Megan Morgan

Wicked Edge (Realm Enforcers #2)
Rebecca Zanetti

To Win Her Love (Players #1)
Mackenzie Crowne

Waiting For a Girl Like You
Christa Maurice

Wicked Ride (Realm Enforcers #1)
Rebecca Zanetti

The Look of Love
Crystal B Bright

The Wicked City
Megan Morgan

Thane's Redemption, Book 1
Nina Crespo

Satellite Of Love
Christa Maurice

Heaven Beside You
Christa Maurice


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