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Storm Moon Press is a small press specializing in erotic fiction with an emphasis on romance involving GLBT and alternative lifestyle characters and themes. We publish all genres, including fantasy, paranormal, horror, urban fantasy, and science fiction, but all stories have either a core romantic plot or a reasonable amount of erotic content. Romances in our stories are fully realized, though happy endings are not required. Solid stories with mixed-feelings endings are welcome, as well as the happily-ever-after or happily-for-now. Alternative lifestyles featured in our publications include (but are not limited to) BDSM, ménage à trois, polyamory, and all flavors and variations thereof. In our bisexual romances, the bisexuality is clearly shown within the course of the story. We also occasionally publish mainstream heterosexual romances, though we only release a limited number of those each year.

Storm Moon Press is a very author-centric micropublisher. We work individually with each author with whom we contract, giving one-on-one attention that we feel is beneficial in producing a quality end product. We're all about quality rather than quantity, and that means that we will never wish to expand to the same level as many of the other publishers in our genre.

At the moment, we take open submissions. We have open calls for certain themes we would enjoy publishing as well as a couple anthology calls. Our open submission policy may change in the future as we cultivate strong relationships with new authors and establish ourselves more firmly. If you have any questions regarding the press, feel free to send them to editor (at) stormmoonpress (dot) com.

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Current Releases

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Robert Cage

Faded Love
MA Church

Tiocfaidh Ár Lá
Naomi Brooks

Sojourn Home
T.C. Mill

Oren's Right
Blaine D. Arden

Gift of the Goddess
Kaje Harper

Dark Menagerie
Caitlin Ricci

Forgotten Menagerie
Cari Z

S.L. Armstrong

Dark Around the Edges
Cari Z

The Green Eyed Monster
Melanie Tushmore

Surviving Elite High (Surviving Elite High #1)
John H Ames

The Gentlemen's Parlor
Geoffrey Knight

Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs
S.L. Armstrong

S.L. Armstrong

Hearts of the Hunted
Kathleen Tudor

Weight of a Gun II
Scarlet Blackwell

Lily of the Wastelands
Gabriel Belthir

Torn in Two
G S Wiley

After the First Taste of Love
Talon Rihai

Making Ends Meet
S.L. Armstrong


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