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Based in the Pacific Northwest, BLACK OPAL BOOKS was founded by people who thought the publishing industry could do more for both readers and authors. So they formed BLACK OPAL BOOKS and gave it a two-fold mission: produce high-quality, well-edited books for readers, while helping authors achieve their dreams, as well as a higher percentage of royalties.



For Readers: Since we’re readers, too, we know how frustrating and disappointing badly-written and poorly edited books can be. We understand that when you pay good money for a book, you expect to get value for your dollar. So at BLACK OPAL BOOKS, all our books are carefully chosen for quality and thoroughly edited before a single copy goes out.



For Authors: Since we’re authors as well as businesspeople, we know how much hard work goes into writing a book—endless hours spent staring at a page while searching for words, struggling to finish the first draft, revising, editing, more revising, and still more revising. We also understand how disheartening it is, when you finally write the dreaded query letter and send it out to publishers, only to have your book rejected based solely on your query letter by someone who hasn’t read a single word of your book. Or even worse, to not get a response at all. And if you're lucky enough to get accepted and published, to receive royalties of such a small per cent. So at BLACK OPAL BOOKS, we let you send your completed manuscript along with your query letter. For all properly submitted queries, we read at least one chapter of the manuscript before deciding whether to accept or reject it. We also respond to all properly submitted queries. For those of you we do accept, our royalties start at 45%, for both ebook and print, and go as high as 70%.



We’re committed to creating a rewarding and satisfying publishing experience for both readers and authors.

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Free Reads!
300 Dictums
5 Stages of Grief
A Bowl Full of Grapes
A Brush with Fate
A Checkered Past
A Distant Island
A Man of Few Words
A Marriage of Convenience
A Matter of Revenge
A Matter of Trust
A Necessary Hero
A Question of Faith ~ A Stormhaven Love Story ~ Book 2
A Question of Honor ~ A Stormhaven Love Story
A Question of Trust: A Stormhaven Love Story
A Sinister Obsession
A Snitch in Time ~ Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries ~ Book 3
A Thousand Reasons
A Turbulent Affair
A Two Horse Town
A Vampire's Deadly Delight
A Wish to Die For
Across The Creek
Act on the Heart
Alien Betrayed ~ Zyrgin Warriors ~ Book 3
Alien Captured
Alien Mine
Alien Resistance
Alien Under Cover
Always ~ A Brush with Fate ~ Book 3
Amazon Treasure
Angel Comes to the Devil's Keep
Archimedes' Claw ~ Time Traveler's Edition
Aries ~ The Sign Behind the Crime ~ Book 2
Asking for It
Bailey's Land
Baron Von Prindel's Parade
Bastards of Young
Bay of Blood
Bay of Blood
Beneath A Towering Sky
Bermuda Sounds
Beyond the Stone Arch
Bleamy's Corner
Blood Money
Blood Mountain
Blood Mountain Conspiracy
Blood Mountain Prophecy
Blood of Brothers
Blue Rubber Pool
Bonded by Crimson
Brilliance Brewing
Broken Rider
Bronx Bound
Buried in Sin
Cabin Fever
Can't Sing or Dance
Carmen & Chia Mix Magic
Carmine Rojas: Dog Fight
Chaloklum ~ The Village of No Last Names
Chancing Faith
Chasing Shadows
Children Who Know How to Know
Chords of Dissension
Closing the Store
Conch Town Girl
Cowards Never Start
Cowboy Boots on the Ground
Crazy Love ~ A Brush with Fate ~ Book 2
Cromwell's Folly
Daisy Dukes 'n Cowwboy Boots
Dam Witherston ~ A Witherston Murder Mystery
Damned ~ Book 1 ~ The Damned Series
Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon
Dan Arrow and the New World Order
Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian
Dance Like You Mean It
Dancing in the Dark
Dangerous Turf
Dark Sight
Dawn of the Cyborg
Days of Bossa Nova
Dead Ends
Dead Shrinks Don't Talk
Deadly Assignment
Deadly Kiss
Deadly Legacy ~ An Emmeline Kirby/Gregory Longdon Mystery
Deadly Secrets
Death but No Taxes
Death by Deceit ~ An Ian McBriar Murder Mystery
Death Has No Dominion
Death House
Death in the Desert ~ A Jason Douglas Novel
Death in Trout Fork
Death Never Lets Go
Death of a Kootch Show Girl
Death Works at Night: An Ian McBriar Murder Mystery
Delete Doc
Deviant Acts
Disciples of Death
Don't Fear, My Darling
Double Cross
Double Dare
Downstream ~ A Witherston Murder Mystery
Dreamer 2
Dreamer 3
Dreams from the Sky
Dreams Once Dreamed
Dressed to Kill
Drifters: Stories from the Dark Side of Delinquency
Duty Calls
Dysfunction: Identify It. Own It. Eliminate It.
Ernie and the Evils of Insurance
Eve's Amulet ~ Book 1
Evil Within
Expecting Ty's Baby
Expiration Date
Fair Game
Fairfield's Auction ~ A Witherston Murder Mystery
Fallen Wizard
Falling Immortality
False River
Finding Mr. Wrong
First Kiss
First Love ~ Harbor of Love ~ Book 3
First Thing ~ Kill the Lawyers
Flight to Trezarium
Food for Thought: First Course
Food for Thought: Just Desserts
Food for Thought: Second Course
Fools Rush In ~ Christy Bristol Mysteries ~ Book 1
For Good Reason
Forced Succession
Forever Flames ~ A Twin Flames Novella
Four Corners
Four O'Clock Montana Time
Four Shots Neat ~ A Dana Cohen Mystery
Friend of the Family
From Beyond the Grave: An Emmeline Kirby/Gregory Longdon Mystery
Fuzzy Logic
Gabriel's Genesis
Game Piece
Ghost in the Blue Dress
Ghost Island - Revised Edition
Ghostly Justice
Grave Expectations ~ A Mother-and-Me Mystery
Half and Half Rose
Hangover Holidays
Healing Hearts
Hell Cat ~ A VIC Shapeshifter Novel
Herr Schnoodle & McBee
Hidden Agenda
Hindsight's 20/20
Hottest Places in Hell
Hour of the Serpent
If I Knew Then
If Only for a Season
If You Should Read This, Mother
Illuminated Darkness
Impulse to Murder
In His Father's Footsteps
In the Depths
Inescapable ~ Remembering ~ Book 2
Inescapable ~ The Beginning
Inescapable ~ Tomorrow
Inquitos ~ The Past Will Kill
Interpretation of Murder
Into Enemy Arms
Jake's Song
Jerusalem Stone
Judicial Justice
Just Another Termination
Kickin' Out the Jams ~ The Purple Haze of My Crazy Daze in Radio
Knowing Abbie
Lake Paradise
Lane Changes ~ Cassie Cruise Mysteries ~ Book 1
Last Gasp
Last Respects
Lead Me into Danger
Libra ~ The Sign Behind the Crime ~ Book 4
Lifting the Veil of Secrets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Lightning Strike
Lights Out
Like Ravens in Winter
Locked in Cages
Locked Out
Lonely Hearts Cry
Long Ago and Far Away
Lost in Time
Love Built to Last
Love Everlasting
Love Letters in the Wind
Love Song of the Chnaberry Man
Love to Believe ~ Fireflies ~ Book 2
Love to Win ~ Fireflies ~ Book 3
Love's Dangerous Challenge
Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally...Murder
Machetes for Two
Magnolia Road
Make Me a Match
Make Me Stay
Making Mountains into Molehills
Memories, Dreams & Deflections: My Odyssey Through Emotional Indigestion
Mended Hearts
Mirror Mirror
Missing Clayton
Ms. Murphy's Makeover
Murder in the One Percent
Murder on the Tracks
Mutilating women
My Killer, My Love
Mystical Laotian Flower
Myth and Punishment
Never Say Never
New Sins for Old Scores
No End of Bad
No Good Deed Left Undone
No Reason to Kill
No Small Deceit
Not My Type
Nothing Like Normal ~ Surviving a Sibling's Schizophrenia
Odd Odyssey
Of Unknown Origin
Old Fashioned with a Twist
Old Gold Mountain
On the Rocks
On Thin Ice
One Earth
One...Two...Buckle My Shoe
Only Tim Sent Flowers ~ Revised Edition
Our New Hope
Paint It Black
Pappy Butler & His Zero Time Theory
Penchant for Vengeance
Phase Two
Plain God
Poseidon's Eye
Price of Justice
Prodigious Savant
Protecting Kyleigh
Punching at Fog
Pure Gold ~ Three Cases of Gold
Quality Murders
Rainbow Vintner
Ranch Wife
Raven Woman
Raving Violet
Reclaiming Lexi
Redeem Me
Redeeming Trust
Rescued from the Dark
Restoring Ainsley
Resume Speed ~ Stories by Guinotte Wise
Rogue Scion
Romancing a Tasmanian Cowboy
Rose of Crimson
Ruined Days
Run Dog Run
Sabrina and the Gargoyle
Sacrificing the Pawn ~ A Frank Grace Mystery
Savage Justice
Saving St. Teresa ~ Cupelli Brothers Mysteries ~ Book 2
Saxxons in Witherston
Scattered Pieces
Scorpio ~ The Sign Behind the Crime ~ Book 3
Second Chances
Second in Her Class
Secret Service
Sedna ~ North Star Raven Woman ~ Women of the Northland Book 3
Senior Assassin
Sensual Seduction
Sentimental Journey
Shadows at Sunset ~ Sunset Trilogy ~ Book 1
Shattered Lies
Showman or Shaman
Silence at Midnight ~ Sunset Trilogy ~ Book 2
Simultaneous Meltdown
Skating on the Septic Tank
So Long As We're Together
Soft Target
Soul Mates
Southern Comfort
Spyfall ~ A Stan Wade LA PI Novel
Stardust Dreams
Starfall ~ A Stan Wade, LA PI Mystery
Stone Cold Sober ~ A Dana Cohen Mystery
Stormfall ~ A Stan Wade, LA PI Novel
Stranger on the Tonto
Streak Hitter
Superfall ~ Stan Wade, LA PI ~ Book 3
Surrender at Sunrise ~ Book 3 of the Sunset Trilogy
Swami Soup
Taking Care of Your Own
Taking the Rap
Tea Times 3
Teach Me to Forget
That Old Black Magic
That's a Wrap
The Amber Beads
The Avenger
The Blackbird's Song
The Bridal Chase
The Catalyst ~ The Diseased ~ Book 2
The Catch of Misee Sue
The Chase ~ Waiting in the Shadows ~ Book 2
The Clock
The Clown Forest murders
The Colby Ghost
The Coldness of Night
The Color of Murder
The Convenient Escape
The Dark Lady
The Dead Don't Dream ~ An Ian McBriar Murder Mystery
The Deadliest Fever ~ A Miriam bat Isaac Mystery in Ancient Alexandria
The Deadliest Sport ~ A Miriam bat Isaac Mystery in Ancient Alexandria
The Devil Orders Takeout
The Diseased
The Doc ~ Revised Edition
The Dragon Soldier's Good Fortune
The Dying Hour
The Earl Claims His Comfort
The Eisenger Element
The Fix
The Flawed Dance
The Gaf Killer ~ Son of Zodiac
The Gator Hunter
The Girls Whispered Murder
The Girls' Weekend Murder
The God Machine
The Good Thief
The Hanging Tree
The House Wren
The Ice Cream Blonde ~ A Neil Brand Thriller
The Infamous A. H.
The Intern
The Introvert
The Introvert Confounds Innocence
The Journey to Jordan
The Killer Who Hated Soup
The Killer Who Wasn't There
The Last Humans
The Last Rapier
The Lava Lord
The Legacy
The Lethal Fisherman
The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday
The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver
The Lowly Turtle
The Mama Tree
The Messiah Drug
The Mountaintop Murders
The Murderer and the Lost Treasure
The Naked Nymph in the Dark Flickers
The Old House
The Online Boys
The Only Sin ~ Book 3 of the Iron Angel Series
The Pandora Block
The Paradise Coven
The Past Never Dies
The Place Inside the Storm
The Portal
The Pot O'Gold Murder
The Psychic Circle ~ Souls Entwined
The Question and Other Stories
The Revelation ~ Waiting in the Shadows ~ Book 3
The Rising Tide ~ A Sidney Lake Lowcountry Mystery
The River
The Romeo Prototype
The Sand Dweller
The Settlement
The Shoreline Murder(s)
The Silk Shroud
The Special Room
The Ticket
The Triad
The Veil of the Soul
The Visitor
The Yearbook
They Called Me Queen B
Three to One Odds
Throw Away Teen
Tiana ~ Gift of the Moon ~ Women of the Northland ~ Book 2
Tick Cooper
Till Murder Do Us Part
Time Out
To Love a Marine
Tommy's Luck
Tommy's Rival
Tommy's Troubles
Tookie Goes Undercover
Torn Hearts
Town Red
Traffic Jam
Treasured Chest
Tripleye ~ Book 1
Trusting the Wolf: A VIC Shapeshifter Novel
Twin Flames
Twin Flames: Midnight Awakening
Twisted Fates
Twisted Traffick
Two Worlds
Unbroken Blue Light
Under the Pink Sky
Under the Riptides
Veiled Memory
Vineyard Prey ~ A Shakespeare in the Vineyard Mystery
Waiting in the Shadows
Way to Go
What the Mirror Doesn't See
When Angels Sleep
When Death Imitates Art
When She's On Top
Where Angels Fear ~ Christy Bristol Mysteries ~ Book 2
Whisht Hall
Who Am I? ~ How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again
Who Is What?
Wilfred's Dream
Winged Victory
Winter Rain
Witch Wish
Without Consent
Worst of All Evils
Wrath of the Dixie Mafia
XXXtreme Discretion
Yeti Unleashed
You Can't Push a String
You Don't Know Jack
You Say Goodbye

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Abel, Scott J
Abraham, Bertha Connally
Allen, Ronnie
Alvarez, Charles
Anderson, Maren
Andes, John
Ann, Gloria
Ashtre, Patrick
Avila, Carole
Ayscough, Brent
Azzano, Mauro
Baker, Edward S.
Barrett, Daniel J.
Baryeh, Empi
Bauder, Marissa
Benevento, Joe
Bernett, Daniella
Bernstein, Genie Smith
Bessette, Ken
Beyer, John R.
Bickford, Bob
Bielat, Larry
Booker, Brittany
Brenham, Alan
Brier, Bill A.
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, C. X
Brown, S. P.
Bryan, Mary Jane
Bryant, Tim
Bullock, Dave
Burgess, Glenda
Burke, JJ
Burns, Rex
Butler, Stacy
Chancellor, Sherry Fowler
Chandler, Dawn
Chandola, Anoop
Chisholm, Benni
Christiana, Debbie
Claro, Lisa Ricard
Cocchio, D L
Coen, Shaun
Conrad, Sean
Corbett, David
Cox, Sandra
Craige, Betty Jean
Daniels, John S
Davis, JD
Dear, Arcey
DeRosa, Nancy
Desmond, Tim
Dizon, John Reinhard
Dodd, Dustin
Doebereiner, Sarah
Downs, Robert
Druch, Theodore P.
Dry, Marie
Durfee, Kristin
Durham, Douglas
Dyson, Ray
Edde, Richard
Efendi, Joanne
Eldana, Tara
Ellis, S. L.
Elvebak, Laura
Essick, John
F, Yvie
Fite, Ginny
Fong, George
Forrest, Ramona
Francis, S. J.
Frazier, Sunny
Frazier, Lynda Kaye
Gardner, Sandra
Garrett, Tobias
Gentry, J. E.
George, R. L.
Gibson, Jennifer
Gilbert, Valerie
Gilson, Che
Gloag, Sherry
Godwin, Richard
Goldstein, Jacqueline
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Goswitz, Robert
Graham-Waldon, Martha
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Gressley, Madge H
Groeling, Melissa
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Jalao, Jess Lee
Jefferies, Suzanne
Jelic, Zrinka
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Kammeraad, Judith
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Kaska, Kathleen
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Potter, A. M.
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Vance, John
Wells, Bentley
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Wise, Guinotte
Woldenga, Gisela
Wright, Bradley W.
Zimmerman, Carrie

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Current Releases

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The Introvert Confounds Innocence
Michael Paul Michaud

Wilfred's Dream
Mark R. Lowery

So Long As We're Together
Glenda Burgess

The Shoreline Murder(s)
William H. Smith

Under the Pink Sky
Tara Eldana

Saxxons in Witherston
Betty Jean Craige

The Carolina Connection
Lee Mims

That Old Black Magic
Paul Sinor

Whisht Hall
Jane Jordan

Trusting the Wolf: A VIC Shapeshifter Novel
Yvonne Rediger

DC Mallery

The Mountaintop Murders
D. M. O'Byrne

The Romeo Prototype
Suzanne Jefferies

Sensual Seduction
Yvie F

Falling Immortality
Robert Downs

Tookie Goes Undercover
George Kaplan

Skating on the Septic Tank
Genie Smith Bernstein

Like Ravens in Winter
Brenda Stanley

Lightning Strike
Jamie Tremain

Don't Fear, My Darling
Laura Stewart Schmidt

The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver
Miriam Green


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