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Clean Reads was formed in 2010 when Stephanie Taylor saw the need for a non-erotic e-publisher that offers wholesome reads but still maintains the quality of mainstream romance. The first titles for Astraea were launched in February 2011.

With over six years experience in the publishing industry and an avid reader, owner Stephanie looks forward to working with her authors, having fun, and bringing you the best books available. 

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Andersen, J.
Arceneaux, Frederick J.
Bain, Kathryn J
Ballance, Sarah
Barger, Vanessa
Barrow-Belisle, Michele
Bennett, Catherine
Blobel, Iris
Bosman, Kathy
Botts, Liz
Botts, Liz A
Bowman, Kim
Brandt, Nancy S
Briggs Ward, Barbara
Buttler, Caroyln
Cantrell, Elaine
Cantrell, Elaine P
Carrington, Dawn Rachel
Chase, K Victoria
Cheney, Kristine
Clark, Bri
Collins, Donna
Combs, Samantha
Comeaux, Jennifer
Cooper, Cara
Corbett, Christi
Crawford, Lori
Creighton, PW
Daniels, Calico
Diablo, Keta
Diamond, Delaney
dixon, nell
Downs, Lindsay
Eaton, Jennifer M.
Eavenson, Tanya
Essex, Brea
Evans, Kendall
Gardner, Bonnie
Gardner, April W
Gaston, Rozsa
Gilardi , Therese
Gloag, Sherry
Gomez Farrell , Rebecca
Gravely, Jennifer Rae
Gray, Heather
Greer, Lisa
Hanbury, Elizabeth
Harris, Cynthia
Hartman, Ruth J
James, Lorraine
James, Monique O'Connor
Jenkins, JF
Jenkins , Jillian
Keyson, Patricia
King, Karen
Kinnette, WB
Kiyono, Patricia
Knight, Wendy
Krauss, Tracy L.
Kumar, Lisa N.
Laird, Chynna
Lapekes, Lori
Lashbrooks, B.G.
Lee, Elaina
Mackenzie, Zanna
Manning, Heather
Martin, Kelli
Maxfield, Brenda
McFarland, Gail
McIntosh Ford, Shea
Moore, C.S
Mullen, Amy
Munn, Vella C
Murphy, Lee Ann
Nelson, Kerri
Norris, Amy
Orchard, Lisa
Parker, Christina Graham
Parks, Myrna
Pearce, Margaret
Purdy, Rebekah L.
Robins, Jennifer
Rogers, Felicia A.
Rogers, Robert G
Roycroft, Vivian
Salter, JL
Sanders, Leah
Smith, Stephy
Smythe, R.R.
Sontheimer Murphy, Lee Ann
Sookoo, Sandra
Spangler, Lynn
Springsteen, Kay
Stambaugh, Ashley
Taylor, Stephanie
Theo Jr., John A
Therrien, JT
Troy, CC
Tully, Cathy
Urbach, Jill
Van Dyken, Rachel
Vaughn, Joselyn
Vayden, Kristin
Waggie, Cherie
Webb , Jacquelyn
West, E.A.
Wilson, Charlene A
Wilson, M. J.
Wingate, Susan
Wright, Tiffany

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Ashley Stambaugh

Aumelan - Blessed of the Gods
Charlene A Wilson

Running from Christmas
E.A. West

Gray's Good Samaritan
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

E.A. West

Animal Angel
M. J. Wilson

For the Love of Emily
Bonnie Gardner

Ashley Stambaugh

Wounds of the Heart
E.A. West

The Difference of a Year
M. J. Wilson

Swept to Sea
Heather Manning

Trust of the Heart
E.A. West

Back to Square One
Zanna Mackenzie

Three Tiers for Win
Kathy Bosman

The Cinnamon Girl
Lori Lapekes

New Beginnings
Iris Blobel

Forever Winter
Donna Collins

His Saving Grace
Heather Gray

Rozsa Gaston

Cosmetic Heart
Kathy Bosman

Ten Million Reasons
Heather Gray


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