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by Cheri Crystal

Release Date: 10/03/10
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 27
Publisher: Loveyoudivine
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781600544859 2.00
Author Page: Cheri Crystal
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Joanie faces another lonely New Year’s Eve without her partner of almost thirty years. Lily, her one true love, has been gone for two years. Can she ever hope to find happiness when she blames herself for Lily’s absence and won’t let her go?

An ambitious yet newly unemployed woman is still consumed with guilt and grief two years after her lover leaves shy of their thirty-year anniversary. Fearing there’s nothing left worth living for, Joanie distracts herself from misery by going back to school for a college degree. In the midst of studying medieval history, particularly ghost stories, she dismisses the spooky unexplained occurrences in her apartment. Joanie can’t begin to imagine what life has in store when strange things keep happening.

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