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Little Book of Fantasies
by Miranda Heart

Release Date: 04/12/11
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 50
Publisher: Freya's Bower
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Author Page: Miranda Heart
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Steven has accepted that he'd rather find true love over being anyone's Master. While he misses the lifestyle, he adores steady, sensible, Kaitlyn. Steven happens upon her diary, intrigued by what secrets a good girl could hide and finds a while world she's never discussed with anyone else. Suddenly his every desire -- Kaitlyn and The Lifestyle -- are within his grasp, but he'll only have one night to get it right.

Kaitlyn can't believe she allowed herself to be reeled in by the psycho that's just kidnapped her. She thought while dating and sharing a bed with Steven for the last three months, she'd have a clear idea of his character. Now she's tied up in an old train car with no one to help her escape. Trapped, she only has two choices. Find an escape or give into the desires she's only ever fantasized about.  

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