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Heart's Desire
by Marilyss McKinley

Release Date: 05/31/11
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 283
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781601684158 7.99
Author Page: Marilyss McKinley
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Isabel Comyn's step-uncle, Lachlan, despises her for being orphaned and illegitimate. But when he learns she may be legitimate, he sees his chance to claim the throne by marrying her. Assuming her cousin's identity, Isabel flees to Douglas Leslie, the prospective bridegroom in her cousin's arranged marriage. There, Isabel falls in love with Douglas and marries him.

Douglas Leslie had never met his betrothed before, but when he saw her, he had no objections to marrying her. He knows his wife is keeping a secret, but does not press her to reveal it. A devoted husband, Douglas puts himself between Isabel and her enemies.

But Isabel's uncle has Douglas's home attacked and abducts Isabel. Back in her uncle's clutches, Isabel must use her wits to thwart his schemes. Can Douglas rally his clan to rescue his beloved? Or will Lachlan's plot keep Isabel from attaining her heart's desire?

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