Manic Readers
by Christina Britton Conroy

Release Date: 10/01/08
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 240
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-934912-10-2 8.00
Author Page: Christina Britton Conroy
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The music stirred her blood.

As a child, Jenna Adams uses the lush, symphonic music and mesmerizing photograph of internationally renowned composer, Eric Ries, as a means to escape her parents’ bitter divorce. Vocally gifted and emotionally neglected, Jenna turns eighteen and enrolls in a prestigious music conservatory where she becomes friends with Eric’s piano virtuoso daughter.

But which man touched her soul?

A whirlwind of lust and energy, Eric Ries becomes a very real presence in Jenna’s life, offering up seduction, fame, excitement, and most of all music. By her mid-twenties, Jenna’s passion for music is thoroughly entwined with her obsession for Eric. When she meets manager Josh Kendal, she catches a glimpse of depth and sincerity, of kindness and dependability—and Jenna is torn between the temptations that have shaped her life and the kind of love she’s never had.

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